Interior design experts believe that if you want your house to look cozy, you want your home to be as open and clutter-free as possible. You don’t want extra layers to soak up the humidity or keep the heat inside. But when it gets cold, you’ll want to put those layers back on and turn the heaters so your house can feel nice and cozy again. The good news is that it won’t take much work to make your home warm and inviting during the winter. A small move can be as simple as putting shoes by the front door or turning on an electric fireplace. Your home can be turned into a cozy hideaway for the winter by using softer lighting, like candles put around the horse in the right places. Here are some simple 12 ways by an expert interior designer in Bangalore to make your house feel more like home. 

Interior Design Experts

Cozy home tips from Interior design experts

Cozy home tip #1 from Interior design experts – Reading Nook

A friendly and welcoming home is one where the people who live there and those who visit are made to feel at ease and at home. This is more than just being kind to your own family and friends. And what could be better for relaxing in one’s own company than a warm corner with pillows and a shelf full of exciting books that are easy to reach? Your favorite place to read could use a comfortable chair or couch (in case you fall asleep while reading, better lighting, and a warm blanket. After that, put your books on each other and prepare for bed. 

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Cozy home tip #2 from Interior design experts – Add personality to your kitchen 

Most of the time, the kitchen interior is where people gather in a home. You can make yours more fun for both the people who are cooking and the people who are eating, thereby putting some fresh flowers on the table, making sure there is a comfy place to sit, hanging up some colorful tea towels, and using small speakers to stream music. Also, don’t be afraid to add color. You can change the look of your kitchen by painting the cabinets, walls, or even the chairs. 

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Cozy home tip #3 from Interior design experts – Try the bed-and-breakfast theme

It’s easy for the bedroom to get cluttered: a stack of books here, a basket of clothes there, and pretty soon, it’s a mess. It’s essential to keep the bedroom look and feel like a small bed-and-breakfast; you can turn it back into a place to relax and recharge. Getting rid of the clutter, making the bed with clean sheets, putting an art poster on the wall, having the drapes laundered, and opening the window will help the room feel more inviting. If you’re looking for something to do in your bedroom besides cleaning and getting rid of stuff, you could paint it a soothing or comfortable color. Then, as a reward to yourself, buy some bedtime comforts like a water carafe, a candle with a pleasant smell, and a flower vase. 

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Cozy home tip #4 from Interior design experts – Soft Chairs

Going to the living room when you want to feel comfortable would be best. You might want to buy a big, comfortable sectional sofa if you have the space. Sectionals comprise several pieces that can be put together in different ways to meet different sitting needs. On the other hand, you can pair any style of sofa with an ottoman that invites you to put your feet up and rest. No matter how big or small your living room is, if you want to get the most out of your money, you should buy the most comfortable couch you can. 

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Cozy home tip #5 from Interior design experts – Choose high-quality materials

High-quality natural materials like leather, solid wood, handmade baskets, and pure wool blankets last long. The normal wear and tear on the people feel more at ease. So, everyone can sit down and relax without worrying about where to put their cup or where to sit. If you want new furniture, consider buying pieces of recycled wood, old leather, or brand-new furniture with a wabi-sabi look. 

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Cozy home tip #6 from Interior design experts – Fairy lights

It’s possible that putting up fairy lights is the best way to make your house feel warm and welcoming. String lights, like fairy lights and others, can make any room cozier and more inviting. Even if your home has a lot of natural light, a few simple ways to bring soft light in at night can help you extend the feeling of coziness and comfort you have during the day into the evening. You could even hand a light sign or something else to get the same effect. Candles are another great way to bring nice light into a room and make it feel cozier. 

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Cozy home tip #7 from Interior design experts – Bring the outside into the house

According to expert interior designing, making a warm and welcoming home, we touched on this point, but it can’t be said enough how important it is. Adding some plants to your living space will make it feel cozier without costing you anything. Adding artificial plants are like killing two birds with one stone since they add natural elements to the surroundings and make the air better at the same time. Also, the best design interior experts can make this look amazing. If you have trouble keeping natural plants, buy some fake ones that look real. They give you the same feeling as natural plants, but you don’t have to remember to water them. Even something as easy as putting some plants in the bathroom can help dress it up and make the whole house feel more organized. A simple way to add style to a room is to look for different shapes and sizes of pots. 

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Cozy home tip #8 from Interior design expert – Make it simple and uncluttered

A room like a hallway, mainly used for practical reasons, can have a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. The area has always been the same. Keep the rest of the room’s design simple and uncluttered, and use table lamps as accent lighting to create a warm and inviting mood around a desk or console table and the area right around it. One of the easiest ways to mess up the design of your home is to decorate individual rooms without thinking about the hallways and antechambers that connect them. This can make the design of a house look like it still needs to be finished. Look at the places in your home that serve as transitional zones, and think about how you could improve their look by adding more layers of art.

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Cozy home tip #9 from Interior design experts – Bedrooms

The bedroom should be the room in the house where you feel the most relaxed and at ease. To make this happen, the bedroom’s furniture and decor should have soft, pleasant textures and fabrics, warm wood floors, and colors and patterns that make you want to relax and be happy. In this case, the way the light is used is also significant. Since you spend one-third of your life sleeping, it is well worth your time, money, and effort to make your bedroom as beautiful and comfortable as possible. 

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Cozy home tip #10 from Interior design expert – Keep in mind what the room is for

Different types of rooms have different ways of using interior design to make a place look like someone’s home. For example, it might be a good idea in the dining room to have comfortable upholstered chairs, a wood table, an area rug or carpet on the floor, and a warm and welcoming light source just above the table. When planning the interior design of your home, you should think carefully about what you do in each room every day and how you can make the room work better for those activities. 

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Cozy home tip #11 from Interior design expert – Put up some wall covers

Wallpapered walls give rooms a warm, cozy look and make people feel welcome. When mixed with other home design elements, the result can be awe-inspiring. Because there are so many different kinds of wallpaper, it is a great way to add a personal touch to the walls without having to paint them uniquely. Modern wallpaper is also easy to remove and replace if you get tired of it or want a change in the room. This is another benefit of this type of wallpaper. 

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Cozy home tip #12 from Interior design expert – Paint the walls a dark color to make the room feel elegant.

Even though dark walls make a room look cozier and more prominent, they aren’t used as much as they could be. A great way to draw attention to this design element is to use dark walls (or even just one accent wall) with a white ceiling, light-colored flooring, warm wood details, and well-placed accent lighting. Remember that dark colors can make a place look smaller than it is. Make sure you only use dark colors in rooms slightly more extensive than needed. If you don’t, the dark colors will make the room look smaller. 

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To Conclude…

When it comes to designing your home’s interior, the details make the difference. Almost any style of interior design can be made to feel cozy in a way that is unique to that style. Choosing the right accents for a room so that it can be both practical and luxurious at the same time is usually the key to making a warm, friendly, and stylish home. When you decide how to decorate the inside of your home, you have the most important chance to show who you are as a person. Hire an expert interior designer, HomeChromosome, to make the style of each room and compare it to your preferences; you’ll end up with a place to live that you’ll never want to leave. HomeChromosome takes the right step and helps transform your home. You can view our portfolio here and follow us on Instagram here.

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