This is Exquisite

The kind of response you hope your home evokes

At HomeChromosome, just like our name, we work towards building the palace of your dreams right from the very genesis of the idea in your mind. We understand we appreciate, we improvise, we put it on paper, we visualize, and that is how we make sure that the reality sees your dreams in the making.

Welcome to HomeChromosome

We are a custom and elite Design solution provider who work with those who value sophistication and have an eye for detail, luxury, and international quality. We work towards making your house a brand; we build it from the ground up and ensure that there is absolute harmony in all the design elements involved.

Par Excellence

Be it the finesses in the woodwork or intricacies of the design element, everything at HomeChromosomeis done in time with the eye set explicitly on the details involved.

Custom Designs

Your House is yours and should reflect the same too hence at HomeChromosome, we believe in custom solutions only. Why should it be usual after all?

Quick TAT

Even though we pride ourselves in custom designs, we also understand the importance of time and hence we make sure that the work is done at the soonest.

Why HomeChromosome

The Creation

The work we do stands the test of time. It is inventive and artistic, and thus, we make sure that the raw material is sourced considering your intent and expectation in mind. Afterall, it is you who will be using the property right?

The Kingdom

We pride ourselves in creating an order from the chaos of multiple ideas that hit you and us. For this, our team is full of architects and designers with years of experience in the field who are adept at using your budget to perfection

The Magic
Making your dream come true involves a kind of vision; you have to explore the options and for all this, one needs to be aware hence, we maintain a repository of ideas that can help you visualize before you realize
The Love
Talk to the 1000+ lives that we have touched through our work and they will tell you how much they love our work and of course us!

Best of all times

What Our Lovers Said!


Mishti and Reuben’s

“We recently shifted to India from the US and having lived there for a good 15 years, we wanted a similar feel in our new residence as well. Abhishek’s team did a really good job at understanding and we were pleasantly surprised at how well they knew the Italian architectural styles too. Love the job done”
“Our parents were to shift with us from our native village. Hence, we wanted a very authentic old world charm to our place so that our parents do not miss theirs. The way the team at HomeChromosome picked up the materials, the way the choirs were chosen, even the individual style elements- really impressive.”

Anand and Ankita’s


Meenakshi and Siva’s

“Honestly, as IT professional in still the early stage of our careers, we weren’t very high on budget. But, I have to mention that the team at HomeChromosome did a magic. Our humble 2BHK now looks like such a royalty. Really appreciate it.”

Our Works