What do we Do

In addition to making your dreams come true, we ensure that we work with the finest of the people and utilize the finest of the materials to deliver a masterpiece of a design. Our process is simple, We understand what you want, We visualize it in our heads, We put it on paper to show you what it would look like, and then we execute.

We would also like to mention here that we believe in End to End Customisation, and hence when we will show the visualization to you, it will be in the exact form. You see, there is just one emotion we want to evoke when you see your home, and it is, “Wow! This is Exquisite”


Putting Our Range of Work in Perspective

We mentioned the emotional bits; we also know how crucial it is for you to understand the things that we do. After all, that is how you will also take your pick on what to get done. While we appreciate and work best on end-to-end solutions, we can assist with specific turnkey projects as well.
Interior Design
Architectural Service
Customer Feedback
Happy Faces 84%
Schedule Adherence
On-time Deliveries 86%
Design Curation
Done to Perfection 92%
Budgetary Efficiencies
Absolute Value for Money 93%
Transparency of Approach
Real Time Updates 95%

Why HomeChromosome for your Dream Home!

  • Superior Quality: We mentioned how we are extremely careful about the kind of detailing, and with this attention, we ensure that the outcome is simply perfect.
  • Robustness of design: The intended design meets your functional requirement and is also aligned to your design sensibility. 
  • Conscious Selection of Material: Our designers are adept at consciously selecting the finishes keeping in mind the design intent and quality of the end product. 
  • Extensive Customisation: Be it cabinets, sofa, wallpaper, Rugs, or even artist painting, we can go to any level of customization that may be required.
  • Smart Budget Optimisation: No matter what your budget is, we have the best in class solutions for the same.

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