Trends in Kitchen Interior Design

Until around a decade ago, the kitchen was always in the background of the house. The kitchen was often considered a part of the home where food was prepared, and dishes were cleaned. In other words, kitchen interior design was never a thought. 

But all that has changed in recent years. In today’s age, the kitchen is among the most integral parts of an Indian home. In fact, it is widely regarded as one of the important parts of the home that bring people together to have a great time. So it wouldn’t come as a surprise that kitchen interior design has become a much sought-after aspect in cities like Bangalore.

People are more willing than ever to devote a lot of resources to the remodeling of their kitchen. With the various technological advancements over the last few years, the concept of a modern kitchen is on the rise. While clean, simplistic, and functional kitchens are the most popular variants, many other elements are a part of high-quality kitchen interior design. And that’s what this write-up is all about. 

We will show you the 9 latest trends in the world of kitchen interior design that you can apply to your living space. 

  1. Smart kitchens

Technology has garnered mainstream prominence in kitchens and has flourished enough to lead to the concept of smart kitchens. In fact, these technological additions aren’t just limited to high-end appliances. Today’s tech additions to a kitchen largely improve the functionality of a kitchen on the whole. Whether it’s the refrigerator or lighting, a smart kitchen can make these components more functional and convenient in terms of usage and efficiency. So it is not surprising to know that many kitchens are built smart right from the outset. 

For instance, a smart lighting system would be equipped with sensors that automatically switch the light on and off depending on whether you are present in the kitchen or not. Similarly, a smart refrigerator can let you know if any edibles (like meat, vegetables, or eggs) are going to get spoiled.

  1. Darker colors are the new favorite.

White and other light colors have been common in most kitchens, but lately, black and darker colors are taking the spotlight in the kitchen. Be it the cabinet, island, slab, or finishings, darker shades have risen in popularity since 2021. 

Among all the components of a typical kitchen, the cabinets seem to be the most preferred for darker shades. Be it black, darker hues of green or blue, or even ruby red, cabinets with darker shades give your kitchen a luxurious and modern outlook. However, it’s important to note that your application of dark colors shouldn’t feel overwhelming and end up making the room look dark on the whole. 

  1. Elements from nature

Technological advancements do not mean that you have to steer far away from nature. In fact, your kitchen interior design can be as close to nature as you can imagine! For example, incorporating a wall with stones or greenery is a great way to make your kitchen look absolutely stunning. Even if you aren’t in the mood to try something extravagant, you can always go for something simple and sweet, like small potted plants and natural stone backsplash tiles. Moreover, you can also put an artistic flower vase in the middle of the kitchen island or in some convenient corner of the kitchen. 

  1. Efficient use of storage space

One of the most confusing aspects of cabinets in the kitchen is the potential wastage of space. In most traditional kitchens, the arrangement of the cabinets and drawers leads to a lot of space that could have been utilized. Moreover, this wasted space is often too small to accommodate anything relevant in your kitchen.

As such, the need for better kitchen space and storage utilization is a priority for homeowners. Some viable means to address these concerns include arrangement within drawers for utensils and cutlery, roll-out trays, shelves for utensils and spices, etc. 

  1. Ceramic or marble tiles

The most common flooring for kitchens nowadays is ceramic or marble tiled floors. In fact, you can also have your ceramic flooring look like hardwood to make your kitchen more stylish. Ceramic and marble flooring are extremely durable and easy to clean and maintain. Both of these flooring options offer exceptional variety in textures; as such, you can customize your kitchen flooring as per your needs and lifestyle. You can also get your flooring done with a wide range of tile sizes and shapes. Being one of the most versatile aspects of kitchen interior design, you can experiment a lot in this regard. 

  1. Multifunctional kitchen islands

Kitchen islands have become a mainstream attraction in modern kitchen interior design. In fact, their functionality has evolved in the last couple of years! What was once only meant to be a placeholder for various kitchen items has now transformed into a multifunctional element. 

From having storage spaces to serving as a countertop, rounding up as a bar, to hosting a family dinner, the kitchen islands of today’s kitchens are exceptionally versatile. Most importantly, they end up being of huge utility without compromising on your kitchen space. 

  1. Backsplashes with patterns, textures, and colors 

Whoever imagined that the backsplashes of a kitchen would get so much attention, but here we are! They are some of the most exciting parts of the kitchen to remodel. 

The trends in 2022 are mostly inclined towards larger tiles than usual, complemented by various colors, patterns, and textures. While colors are mostly based on personal taste, it is recommended to go for peppy colors like blue, light green, yellow, or even earthy colors like green or brown. Back it up with a geometric or floral pattern with a natural texture. 

For the appropriate material and size, your interior designer would give you the best recommendations based on the rest of the kitchen’s design. 

  1. Metallic inclusions and finishing 

Metallic inclusions and finishing will never go out of style! Not only does it add character to your kitchen, but it also makes the space look modern. Be it the slab, the faucets, sink, or refrigerator; metallic finishing adds a dash of style like no other. That being said, it’s important not to overdo it. Stainless steel and chrome black are excellent means to apply the metallic charm to your kitchen space. In addition, you can take the style quotient one step higher by including metallic textures in various parts of your kitchen. 

  1. Windows 

Adding windows is a new trend that has garnered a lot of fans! You can install windows that bring fresh air and natural light to the kitchen space. It also provides a natural ventilation system to let out smoke and aromas from cooking. Not to mention, it makes your kitchen look super stylish!