Using throw pillows to decorate is a small part of the planning process, but nothing could be further from the truth. They are the best way to make a house feel more like a home. Even though they are light and pleasant, they do have some substance. Adding sofa throw pillows to the seats in the living room, the chairs in the hallway, and pretty much anything else in the bedroom will give them a lot of personality and draw attention to the room’s more understated design elements. We have compiled a list of tips that will make designing classic throw pillows a lot easier so that you can make the most of these beautiful things that also serve a purpose. 

Throw Pillows

With this list of stylish tips, you can use throw pillows to decorate like a pro in no time. There are different color schemes and ways to put things where you want them. Here you go. 

Throw Pillows Ideas

Throw Pillows Idea #1 – Put them in order based on what types they are

Once you’ve bought your pillows, you might be left thinking, “What now?” Putting your cushions in a way that fits the style is one way to make your home look naturally cool. Choose an odd number of pillows with something in common, like a color scheme or design theme. If you don’t like mixing different designs, you could try mixing different textures of the same color instead. Put the big pillows on the side with a cushion with a rough white cover and a pillow with a mustard yellow cover. In the middle is a pillow with a cover with a pattern that looks like the earth. 

durable throw pillows

Throw Pillows Idea #2 – Choose a color to use as a starting point

If you have a piece of furniture in your room that adds a pop of color, you should ensure that the other things don’t take away from it too much. The rose gold accents and the striped linen pillows pick up on the tufted raspberry ottoman. Because of this, the look as a whole has gotten a lot better. But to keep things interesting, durable throw pillows with cool new prints have been added to the color scheme. This was done so that the palette wouldn’t look the same over and over. Using steel blue elements makes a difference with the anchor color and draws attention to the light gray paint in the kitchen. The sofa’s supporting row might need a big pillow in a beautiful shade of steel gray that goes more toward silver. This would be a great way to add something. It’s not over the top, but it has a unique personality. 

sofa throw pillows

Throw Pillows Idea #3 – Stay Neutral

If you want another option for your bedroom that is very different in color but still has the same amount of symmetry, consider going for a colorless look. Putting comfort ahead of style in a bedroom is crucial because people feel the most relaxed and close to each other. But there is no reason why the two should not compete with each other. The key to making your bedroom a haven is to create an environment that both inspires and calms you. Even if you prefer primary colors or feel overwhelmed by bright ones, you can still let your unique personality shine through by adding textured materials, wall art, and geometric shapes to your space. This is a great throw that can break up a bunch of throw pillows that are otherwise all over the place. This pillow can turn a noisy room into a calm one, whether on the bed or in the living room.

throw pillows online

Throw Pillows Idea #4 – Try out different kinds of textures

A shaggy fur or faux fur pillow can stand on its own on a chair in a room that doesn’t have much personality, in a corner that doesn’t seem to have a purpose, or in an entrance that doesn’t seem to have any furniture. Its exciting texture makes it an excellent choice for creating a wild look that goes beyond the use of color, pattern, and shape. Also, there’s no way to make it softer, so throw a blanket over it to make the space even more comfortable. The color wheel did a great job of picking the right color for this mix. This could become our new go-to for simple color combinations with a significant effect. 

durable throw pillows

Throw Pillows Idea #5 – Mix and match the different patterns

If you mix and match different styles and colors, you make your look more exciting and keep the eye interested for longer. This scene is an excellent example of how to decorate with throw pillows that have different designs and colors. You have a graphic chevron print, a few neutral for balance, and floral print pillows that ties together most of the colors in the room as the star. This is what stands out about the room. It’s best to choose your throw pillows online, as you will get a variety of throw pillows. Some of these pillows look good with the clean white walls, while others look good with the blue cushion and the rugs. Together, they draw attention to the natural textures of the room’s stone wall and wood floor.

As you can see, these throw pillows have also been carefully chosen, so the art above has a more muted tone. Even throw pillows can be works of art. Because the colors are essential, a stylish and versatile pillow like this would look great with any decor. 

classic throw pillows

Throw Pillows Idea #6 – Play around with different sizes and shapes

When you break down the space and look at the parts of the design that go into each thing, it’s hard to see how they can all fit together so well. The answer is, of course, the colorful throw cushions with the mustard print on them because those details tie everything together. Note how each thing is different in size, shape, and look. The organic stool, disc-like lamp, triangular tables, and little seat with an angled base give a whole new meaning to the phrase “quirky proportions” in this bedroom. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and don’t forget that a good pillow can make a big difference. If you want to play with shapes and sizes, put a round cushion on a sofa or chair. A round cushion can help break up a couch or chair with pillows that are all the same shape. You can also put it on the floor as a cushion. 

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Throw Pillows Idea #7 – Make sure you go over every surface

This sitting room looks very elegant without losing any of its youthful charms. Because no two pillows are the same, the whole thing looks nice and like a child’s room. If you could see this space without the colorful pillows, it might feel more formal and stiff. That doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful, though; it just depends on what kind of mood you want to create. We like how every place to sit in the room has a throw pillow. The lumbar seats on the chairs will give guests the back support and comfort they deserve and keep the chairs’ edgy look. 

sofa throw pillows

Throw Pillows Idea #8 – Symmetry

Once you have all the throw pillows you need, consider how you would like to arrange them to make the most of their artistic potential. If you like the way imbalance looks, try putting things together in a way that looks less planned. This symmetrical method is another excellent option, and it works exceptionally well for clothing. Use colorful pillows to make a layered look. Keep the neutral sleeping covers in the background and let the more interesting throw pillows take center stage. If you want to add some wilder colors to the mix, you can leave the bedding set together if you want to. 

Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows Ideas by HomeChromosome

Throw pillows are easy to find and can be bought at any of your favorite stores for home goods or online. But if you can’t find the correct pattern or colors to tie your room together in the best way, you can hire an interior designer to help you. At HomeChromosome, we treat all projects the same, whether big or small. We would be happy to help you with any part of your interior design project, such as finding decorative throw pillows for your living room sofa or the finishing touches for your primary bedroom bed. Contact HomeChromosome to know more. You can view our portfolio here and follow us on Instagram here. Email us at for a quick response. 

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