Your drawing room is perhaps the most used space in your house. There is more to a drawing/living room than relaxing and watching TV; it is where you hang out and have fun with your family.  With so much activity going on, your drawing room deserves special attention. Keeping the drawing room clutter-free is possible with a simple drawing room interior design.

Simple drawing room interior design tips

Minimalism has drawn attention in recent times. Here are some minimalistic decorating ideas from HomeChromosome for your living room. To organise a living room that lasts, your simple drawing room interior design should focus on function, style, and quality.

Play with colours

Sometimes a break from vibrant colours can be rejuvenating. Simple drawing room interior design includes experimenting with pastel colours like pink or warm colours like terra-cotta or rustic. Walls in gold, beige, tan, peach, and olive limewash are also popular. Choose intricately patterned drapes and furniture with floral prints to match up with these shades and add depth to the living area.

Set up a Library

There’s something about books that makes you feel comfortable instantly. Set up a mini library and display them on an exposed shelving unit to let them shine. You can keep your old books as part of minimalist drawing room decor ideas on a budget.


Enhance a Balcony view

The first step in simple drawing room interior design is always to decorate the living space with sofas and cushions. And quite often, the view from the hall to the balcony is ignored. However, a clever design incorporates the balcony view with long glass windows and doors, ethereal curtains, and a plush rug. The sunlight sifting through the windows creates a magical atmosphere.

 Simple and elegant drawing room colour schemes

Simple and elegant drawing room colour schemes are stylish enough to stand up to the rich velvet fabric sofas and layers of quirky prints. To achieve the classy look, you can also add complementary wallpapers on the opposite wall.

Woody finish for walls

That woody finish conveys a very personal feeling in any kind of interior. Wood panels on the walls warm up the room. The simple drawing room interior design is made more interesting by the addition of modern furniture and geometric patterns.

Indoor plants

Bring some nature into your living room with unconventional indoor plants and trees. With some bonsai trees in the corner and staggered shrubs on the windowsill, the simple drawing room interior design can be enhanced.

Add personality with Texture

Size isn’t everything. DIY simple drawing room decorating tips demonstrate how even a small space can be transformed into a lovely living space. With a few tricks, an otherwise simple architecture can be completely transformed. Aglanoma plants can be used to break up a monochromatic colour scheme, and a few statement pieces keep things casual so they can function as a more relaxed family room. A gallery wall, large indoor plant, and a ceiling-high curtain rod add depth to the room.

Personalise your drawing room

Adding some family photos, items that reflect your travels, and treasured memories can set your drawing room apart. You can personalise your simple drawing room interior design with ancestral portraits and photo collages of family and friends.

Bar room

You can make the most of your simple drawing room interior design by installing a home bar with fluorescent lighting and displaying your favourite spirits. A well-styled and stocked bar cart that can create a functional and space-saving centrepoint can be used to create a home bar as part of your living room.

Think different

The focus of your living room does not always have to be on the television. Draw the guests’ attention to something more beautiful, such as a big mirror or an enlivening view out the window. Stunning wallpaper with a favourite piece of art as a backdrop can complete the look.

Go Bohemian

Boho-inspired simple drawing room interior design never goes out of style. In a true boho style, you can incorporate a little bit of everything you’ve collected to create a fun and colourful look. The best part is that this look can be achieved on a budget. Enhance the look with a boho chandelier with fairy lights and some one-of-a-kind artwork. The cotton throw pillows in bright hues and vintage globe vases give it a finished look.

 Choose the right furniture

Living room furniture does not always have to include sofas, armchairs, and a table. Consider utility first when designing your drawing room. Select small-scale furniture such as chairs, stools, pouffes, small settees, and loveseats. Coffee tables can also be used creatively.

Summing up

You have just seen a collection of simple drawing room design ideas that will undoubtedly help you transform yours into an elegant and blissful haven. These ideas are within budget; think creatively, invest in a few items, and you’re set!

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