Row house interior design is rare, yet it can help to generate the best interior design. Hiring a qualified professional to help you with home interior design is a great way to get your project off to a good start. Most people think this job only involves choosing paint colors and organizing furniture, but this is different. Interior designers interested in coming up with ideas and putting them into action are excellent sources of belief for people who want to design the inside of their homes. The row house is an excellent example of this style of building. Most row houses with more than one story share their outside walls and roofs with their neighbors. Row homes, also called townhouses, are equivalent to single-family residences in that they usually line whole blocks of street corners and have uniform fronts.

row house interior design

Row house interior design

A row house can be built on a narrow piece of land so that the people living there can share walls but still have privacy. Each apartment has its personality and a specific way it is set up inside. Even though the outside of each unit in a row house is different, the row house as a whole is built reasonably consistently. Instead of having the distinct look of a townhouse, the homes here are lined up in a neat and orderly way. Row houses are built so that they can fit a broader range of tastes and budgets at a lower cost. Row houses are also usually cheaper.

Modern row house design characteristics

Row house design characteristics #1 – The plan and design are the same

Travel back in time to the countryside of England in the 1980s. This is a must-have for people who like old-fashioned things. The architecture inside each house is the same, but the passageways, patios, and backyards are different. So, it’s a great mix of old-fashioned charm and modern conveniences.

Row house design characteristics #2 – Living with other people

There are a lot of shared facilities, like a clubhouse, a swimming pool, and a sports arena, that you and your neighbors will have to use. You feel like you’re part of a community without giving up your privacy. Continuous CCTV monitoring helps keep you safe, and eco-friendly practices like collecting rainwater and using solar panels can help you live better.

Row house design characteristics #3 – Costs of building down

Row houses make good use of space because each unit is connected to the next by a common wall. This is great for both the customer and the builder. The buyer likes the low prices, and the builder wants how easy it is to plan and design, which is especially important in places with limited space, like many urban areas.

Row house front design

Row houses fronts are well-built homes made for a single family. Most of the time, the layout of these kinds of homes is small. But the fact that they have more than one floor means there will be enough space for people to live comfortably. To build a row house front, you need at least three different exterior environments. This is because row houses are built close to each other. Each house in a single row has a similar design and floor plan. Some of these homes are made to stand on their own, but most of them share a wall. On the other hand, the houses give the people who live in them enough privacy.

Row house interior design ideas

Row house interior design idea #1 – A Brave and Different

Instead of choosing a single-row house design plan, why not mix and match different styles to create a unique look? Focus on mixing individual visual components, such as colors, textures, patterns, and prints, on achieving a seamless look. Make sure you have a color combination for your decorations, so they all look like they belong together. Lastly, give your room a focal point to draw more attention.

Row house interior design idea #2 – The style of Queen Anne

Some old styles of row houses are always in manner. This group includes the Queen Anne style. In this room, the old sofa is the most important thing. All the design elements—the drapes, lighting, wall accents, color scheme, and so on—come together to make the room feel grand. If you want to use this style in your home, there is one crucial thing to remember: never go overboard with the decor. Try to keep the different design elements in balance, and you will be able to carry off this design plan well successfully.

Row house interior design idea #3 – Postmodern

Postmodernism has used bold patterns, bright colors, and strong contrasts. This style uses ornaments and decorative elements to make an ordinary room look better. So, now you know which row house strategy to follow if you like to add a splash of color to your living room or bedroom. You can get ideas from the example above, which uses a lot of different colors and wall decorations to give the room a new look.

Row house interior design idea #4 –  A warm, modern, and contemporary interior look

Here’s another example of an easy-to-build row house design plan. Consider contemporary modern row house designs if you like a lively atmosphere in your home. You can start with a background that has a muted color effect. Use brightly colored accents and accessories to break up the monotony. This will break up the neutral look and make it look better. Mix different materials and textures to avoid a dull look. Mix industrial with natural elements to give the room a unique look.

Row house interior design idea #5 – The style of Art Deco

It’s easy to see why art deco is thought to be one of the best ways to design a row house. You can easily change this style to make your home look either very stylish or very simple. To make your home look eclectic, all you have to do is add bright colors, geometric patterns, and touches of gold. Make sure to pay attention to the lighting. It will help make the room look more beautiful. You can see how the mix of dark and light colors brightens the room while the golden light accents give it a modern look.

Row house interior design idea #6 – Style of the Second Empire

The Second Empire-style row house models are all about decoration and plenty. Think of heavy furniture, fireplace mantels, intricately carved mirrors, framed paintings, light fixtures, and chandeliers to get a sense of how you can bring this style into your living room. The rich mood of the room’s decor comes from the ornate painting echoed by the draperies and some other accessories. In this design style, you can also incorporate rich colors and patterns.

Row house interior design idea #7 – A Gothic Revival style of decorating

Gothic revival row house styles can make your home feel luxurious and dramatic. You can use rich, dark colors or wallpaper to make this design plan stand out. This decorating style can be made even better with the right kinds of ornate decorations and accents. The room has a Gothic feel because the walls are painted Prussian blue, and the mantle is decorated with candles. Using soft furnishings in different colors helps keep things from looking too busy.

Row house interior design by Homechromosome

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