Europe is reputed for having a multitude of rich and diverse set of interior design concepts. Interestingly, many of these designs go way back to a few centuries. However, there are, again, many popular design trends that have been developed in recent decades. Either way, European custom furniture design has earned widespread prominence, regard, and interest all over the world. 

So it goes without saying that homeowners in India look up to European architecture for inspiration and ideas. In essence, European design is so vast that there is just a lot to explore! So much, that it can often get overwhelming to craft feasible European interior design ideas for one’s home. 

But worry not! If you are looking for the best European custom furniture design ideas for your home, then you have come to the right place. HomeChromosome is a leading interior design company in Bangalore that has established a reputation for itself in creating breathtakingly beautiful and innovative home decor spaces. Based on our full-fledged expertise and extensive experience in interior home designs, we have included the best and most practical European architecture design ideas for your living space. 

All set to bring the magic of European class and elegance to your home interiors? Read on!

  1. Decors based on an old world style

Old-school European design typically involves a versatile blend of European antique inspirations. Some of the best examples of this include walls and floors that are complemented by high-quality and velvety fabric, and vintage textures. 

In terms of furniture, large sized variants are the usual preference. To put it into perspective, the following are the perfect old-school inspirations for you: French, Spanish, Tuscan, Italian, and Mediterranean.

  1. Colors in European decor

While pursuing European interior designs, search and use colors that can be seen in nature or the Old World towns. Ensure they are rich, lovely and deep with regards to the tone. 

It is recommended to keep the colors distinct in each room that ensures that your home displays a warm and comfortable tone. Some of the best colors from European architecture include green, blue, violetz etc. Ultimately, pick a color that inspires you.

  1. Victorian design

Victorian interior design can be followed back to nineteenth-century England. Cleanliness and ornamentation characterize the Victorian design. Objects fill surfaces which reflect the homeowner’s considerations and interests. Victorian style is one of the most obscure styles with regards to European interiors. Rooms were little and obscurely painted.

Towards the front of a Victorian home, formal entertainment spaces can be found. Little estimated carved wooden furniture is fitted into this European style lounge. The seats and outfitting were fundamentally little in scale and were produced using carved wood. 

  1. Baroque style

Baroque home style is characterized by luxurious appearance and over ornamentation. At the point when you contemplate Baroque, Europe in the seventeenth century is the main thing that rings a bell.

The lovely palaces and churches during the eighteenth hundred years. At the point when we contemplate the shades of the Baroque then again, we can presume that they are rich in their luxurious assortment, going from dim red or green to gold used to decorate workmanship outlines and different subtleties in the home. 

  1. Mediterranean style

The most important thing you notice while visiting Mediterranean nations, for example, Greece, Spain or Italy is the Mediterranean style in decorating which incorporates a ton of seaside design components including open spaces and outside decks.

Work with slender plaster or mortar walls, wooden roofs and marble or tile floors and painted with brilliant yellow, olive green, rich red and cobalt blue, this style impacts a scope of interior patterns and can be found on the best interior design locales from all over the world. 

  1. French Provincial

A combination of natural components that have a certain likenesses to the Baroque style, French provincial style is generally influenced by the homes of Southern France.

They are typically made with dull wood, stone or tile floors and walls of finished mortar. Furthermore, as a final detail, uncovered wooden roofs and wall radiates, French farmhouses have acquired a classy appeal.

The decorations, then again, are more refined. Upholstered seats with outlines produced using cut wood, and drapes produced using toile and flower textures are some more typical examples of the classic French provincial style. 

  1. Italian style

You simply can’t go wrong with the Italian style as it’s luxurious, classy, and versatile. Scarpa, Scottsass or even Armani ring a bell when you think of this European style interior design.

Italy never fails to set the highest standards with its interior finishing patterns and leading-edge architecture. With regards to the most recent home decor layout styles, Italy will continuously have an impact and we can bring them to your home!

  1. Various fabrics and textures prominent in European home decor

Some of the most well-known and common fabrics and textures in European home decor include Aubusson rugs, brocade, damasks with beautiful floral patterns, fringe, tassels and beaded trim, leather, lush silks, small cotton prints, stripes, velvet, and tapestry patterns. 

You can include any or all of these in your home with creative and beautiful home decor pieces that bring the European style at its full glory into your living space!

  1. Tuscan style

It is worth noting that the Tuscan style is based out of Italy, and yet, it is influenced by styles originating from France and Spain. These old-school additions are great for bringing a rustic charm to even the most urban living spaces.

  1. Furniture

When it comes to European inspired furniture, you should consider including highly functional cabinets, for starters. In addition, also consider wooden shelving complemented by a wide range of ceramics or pottery kept on them.

Another well-established European home inclusion is a kitchen island with a marble top. It is a very versatile option which can also double up for work or storage. 

Also, an excellent means to include European home decor into your living space is to have wood framed sofas and chairs, boldly colored and added along with comfortable cushions.

  1. Additional accessories 

You can include a cozy fireplace or a glorious ornament as the central piece of the room. Including natural materials like marble or stone is great for the flooring material. It is also worth noting that velvet and cotton are the ultimate fabrics to get an unmatched finishing touch.