Colonial house interior design is gaining popularity as one of the newest trends in interior design for the year 2023. Because the British Empire included many different places, like Africa, India, Asia, the South Pacific, and North America, its colonists were influenced by various architectural styles. A wide range of architectural styles influenced some things. Some of the things that were learned on these trips made their way into what we now call Colonial interior design. 

colonial interior design

What is Colonial house interior design?

Colonial house interior design features are window shutters, the usual layer of thin wood pieces, and large front porches on the front of the house or go all the way around it. The colonial revival interior design includes features like walls, furniture with beveled edges, sofas, chairs, and coffee tables with excellent designs, and expensive art on the walls in different places. The British Colonial styles made a strong impression with dark furniture and neutral walls. This was mostly done to fit traditional British furniture into the new empire. It was primarily done in response to local themes and climates. These interiors had warm textures, beautifully carved wood furniture, and bright, airy spaces, all of which gave them a delightful sense of sophistication and formality. People still like the look of a place that has many different places. Here are some ideas to make your home look like it was built during the British Colonial era. 

Colonial house interior design ideas

Colonial house interior design ideas #1 – High Ceilings

Colonial architecture interior design believes that high ceilings are becoming increasingly popular in today’s interior design. Most British colonial mansions in India have high ceilings. Since hot air rises and cold air falls, the rooms are naturally cool during India’s hot and muggy summers. Colonial architecture is often influenced by the styles of Greek and French aristocratic architecture. Moldings made of plaster and painted wood, elegant dado rails, and paneling are often found in these homes. The colors need to be soft, elegant, and not too bright. 

Colonial house interior design ideas

Colonial house interior design ideas #2 – Window and door shutters

Also, windows and doorways in British colonial mansions are often arched to the ceiling. Large windows let in a lot of natural light and ensure the air moves around the room nicely. Window shutters do more than just look nice. They can help control breezes, keep storms away, and ease some of the burdens of the tropical heat. Since they are made from local woods, you can paint them or leave them as they are.

Colonial house interior design

Colonial house interior design ideas #3 – Wood and Plaster

Molding made of plaster and painted wood is often used to construct colonial house interior designs. Wall parts are widespread, and some of the most common ones are decorative dado rails, paneling, picture rails, cornices, and crown molding. Most of the moldings have a paint job that looks off-white. If you want your home to have an authentic colonial interior design, you could put these decorative items on the walls. You’ll be blown away by how well these decorative arcs work. 

colonial revival interior design

Colonial house interior design ideas #4 – Antiques and Artifacts

People often say that colonial homes are packed to the brim and high-quality things. Most of the time, the more rustic ones have wide, rectangular plank boards, while the more expensive ones may have legs carved and bent in complex ways. Most colonial-style antique homes are made of wood differently, and the furniture is almost always high quality. Because of a trend that isn’t messy at all, people should avoid being too close together. 

colonial interior design patterns

Colonial house interior design ideas #5 – Furniture

Styles from the Victorian era, solid and elegant, are returning to fashion today. Some things in the furniture, like dark wood and twisted parts, are typical of the formality of British culture. At least one four-poster bed must be in a home decorated in the style of colonies. The draperies on these beds are lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, or silk. The draperies have animal and plant motifs, ikats, paisleys, and batiks that give them a charming colonial look. 

colonial architecture interior

Colonial house interior design ideas #6 – Plants

Colonial settlers were interred in the native plants, and for some reason or other, this is still a big trend in colonial revival interior design today. With potted plants, ferns, and palms, these beautiful homes bring the stunning natural beauty of the tropics inside. Plants in pots give the rooms a fresh look. Also, it looks very different from the dark wood furniture, floors, and white walls. Cane chairs are affordable pieces of furniture that can help you give your home a colonial look. 

Colonial house interior

Colonial house interior design ideas #7 – Make sure you pick the correct color palette.

To get the atmosphere you want in a Colonial-style home, choosing the right color palette is imperative. Colonial style homes look best when they are painted in neutral colors that are soft and understated. Colors like pale peaches, pinks, soft blues, greens, yellows, and browns can make a room feel like a stately colonial mansion with its quiet elegance. The history of colonial architecture and interior design can be helpful when choosing colors for modern interior design projects. Brown and its many shades were often used to build early colonial homes because it was one of the most common colors. Whitewashes were also popular, but they were usually only used on the frame and trim of the house. Around 1725, it wasn’t common for the whole outside of a house to be painted. At this time, more people could get their hands on colored paints. Later homes built during the Georgian era used colors like rocky gray, blue, ochre, and white to calm the rooms. Early Georgian homes were often painted in bright colors like red, orange, and the well-known Prussian blue. These muted tones help set the room’s mood without fighting with other things in it. 

Colonial modern house interior

Colonial house interior design ideas #8 – Patterns and materials

Patterns and materials that go well together can be used to improve the look of Colonial home decor. Cotton, wool, linen, wood, and leather are all-natural materials used to build homes in the Colonial style. Patterns, scrolling, and other images with a lot of drama, like those found in traditional Chinese or French toile, can be used in colonial house interior design. 

Early colonists built their homes out of whatever materials they could find. Because of this, natural materials were often used to decorate the inside of Colonial houses. During this time, using rattan, wicker, reed, and sisal was popular. Woven pieces made of natural fibers like jute and wool are also great additions to any collection. Wood is another excellent natural resource that can be used to build a Colonial house. In the best way to design the inside of a house, woven area rugs should be used to draw attention to the wooden floors. The furniture and decoration should be made of strong leather and wood, emphasizing quality and simplicity. When working with metal parts, it’s best to use warm colors like copper or pewter. Pewter is a color that looks great with pastels. 

Colonial modern house interior design

Colonial House Interior Design Ideas by HomeChromosome

Over the course of several hundred years, people have been drawn to the idea of colonial style architecture for their homes. A colonial house interior design has elegance, comfort, and exotism. By putting together a few of these different decoration ideas, you can make the inside of your colonial home feel warm and inviting. Contact HomeChromosome to know more. You can view our portfolio here and follow us on Instagram here. Email us at for a quick response.

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