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In the pursuit of decorating your home with the best furniture, lighting, artwork, and designs, you more than often end up neglecting one of the most integral components of your home: the bedroom walls. Any bedroom designer would tell you that the bedroom walls can go on to significantly bring an enhancement in the aesthetics and style of your bedroom and house alike. In addition, it also adds personality and uniqueness to any room. 

However, most homeowners shy away from decorating their walls as they believe it to be an expensive investment. However, it does not have to be! 

And that’s why we have enlisted 15 creative wall decor ideas that you can apply to your bedroom walls without much effort. These ideas have been penned by a top-notch bedroom designer team from HomeChromosome that comes with years of experience and unmatched expertise in home decor. 

Ideally, you would be able to use these ideas of your own accord. But if you still feel unsure about adopting a DIY approach or prefer a professional bedroom designer, you can always reach out to HomeChromosome to help transform your home into something magical.

With that being said, let’s explore the 15 best bedroom wall decor ideas curated by best bedroom designers!

  1. Equip your wall with memories

A blank wall that leads to the bedroom or in a large bedroom per se can be adorned with a host of beautiful family pictures in a frame, certificates won by members of the family, or a picture drawn by your little one. This not only makes the wall feel wholesome, but it also brings back some of the best memories and makes the wall look very attractive. 

  1. Use a stunning wallpaper.

A wallpaper is among the most prominent and popular wall decor ideas. Regardless of how big your room is, you can also set up an appropriate wallpaper that fits your needs and lifestyle. You can experiment with a range of patterns, tones, and colors before deciding on the ideal wallpaper for your bedroom. 

  1. Play with colors!

This is undoubtedly among the simplest wall decor ideas that you can go ahead with. With a bright and convenient color scheme, you can make your bedroom look more comforting and stylish. You can also add a colored frame or background against any wall accessories to make your bedroom truly stand out. 

  1. Wall artwork

Fine art can make any part of your home spectacular, and the bedroom is no different! Exercise your fine taste in art to the maximum by including beautiful artwork and paintings on the walls of your bedroom. The best part is the fact that you can include art that suits your taste and preferences. We at Home Chromosome can help you out with this!

  1. A large portrait or landscape

One of the most important aspects of a bedroom is to ensure that it looks and feels comfortable and soothing. One can achieve this by including a large portrait or landscape that features beautiful and relaxing scenery. Otherwise, it can be painted with any picture that induces calmness and relaxation in you. 

  1. A soft rug or carpet

Adding a soft rug or carpet is a great way to not only make your bedroom look super classy and luxurious but also to add comfort to your bedroom space. But there’s more! You can also go on to hang a patterned rug or carpet on the wall, taking your bedroom aesthetics to another level altogether!

  1. Mirrors

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Which is the most beautiful bedroom designer of them all? It can be yours if you add artistically crafted mirrors of various shapes and sizes to your bedroom wall. It is worth noting that Vastu usually suggests that your bed shouldn’t face the mirror. So keep this in mind while including a mirror in your bedroom. 

  1. Stone cladding on the wall

Adding textures to a wall is a great way to make your walls super stylish and unique. A stone cladding makes your bedroom look like your own cave to sleep and take a rest. The vintage stone cladding also makes your walls the biggest highlight of your bedroom, adding a touch of class and finesse. 

  1. Greenery on the walls

Why limit your imagination to a stone cladding when you can go green, literally! Adorning your bedroom wall with artificial or natural greenery, including rows of small potted plants. This adds a nature-inspired outlook to your bedroom. While it does call for some care and maintenance, it’s all worth the effort when you consider how refreshing and unique it can make your bedroom look!

  1. Display shelves for walls

Why keep your walls as ‘walls’ when you can turn them into beautiful and functional display shelves? Store your favorite books and accessories on the shelf to give them a personalized touch. These accessories include frames, vases, trophies, a guitar, etc. The possibilities are truly endless with a bedroom shelf. 

  1. Blackboard

Ever imagined a blackboard out of your classroom? Well, now you do! In recent years, blackboards have become a very popular wall decor option in bedrooms. It serves as a place where you can jot down your thoughts and ideas and wipe them off whenever you feel like it. Honestly, there’s hardly anything more unique than a blackboard in your bedroom as wall decor! 

  1. Light up your wall!

Installing dim lights or lamp fixtures on your bedroom wall is a great way to make your bedroom feel more lively, comfortable, and relaxing. These make your bedroom brighter and add beauty to your living space as a whole. 

  1. Wall stickers

If you are in the mood for something simple on your bedroom walls instead of adding extravagant elements, then you can simply add decorative stickers to your walls and ceiling to add a unique touch to your bedroom. It’s a great and inexpensive way to make your bedroom look more attractive. 

  1. Inspiring quotes

Words have power. And they also have the ability to make your bedroom walls look stellar! You can either paste or paint your favorite quote on the walls. This way, you will go to bed and wake up feeling inspired by both events! 

  1. Hand painting 

Hand-painted images of cartoons or animals can be a fun addition to the walls of your kids’ bedroom, giving them a reason to smile and feel comfortable.