Apartment interior design can seem like a difficult task. While exhibiting your design individuality is probably at the top of your list, every object in a space needs to have purpose and be placed in the best possible furniture arrangement that enhances functionality without being unnecessarily cluttered. Finding the ideal combination for your apartment interior design and decorating it should be enjoyable, and you can express yourself creatively. To inspire your apartment renovation, we’ve compiled practical yet outstanding spaces from top designers worldwide. 

Apartment interior design

Origin Realm by XIGO Studio 

hall interior design

The three-person family’s demand for a simple, minimalist environment was considered when XIGO Studio created this flat in Beijing. The architects prioritized hidden storage, clean surfaces, and a minimalist apartment interior design. This does not imply that there isn’t drama in the area. As soon as a visitor enters the apartment, they see the living room’s curving divider, which adds visual appeal, aids in light reflection and distribution, and provides seclusion to the three bedrooms behind it. A muted color scheme throughout creates a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, and the main living area flowing, open design leads out to a terrace with views of the city. 

Sequoia penthouse by Gantous Arquitectos

drawing room interior design

Gantous Arquitectos designed this apartment interior design in Mexico City for a family of five- a couple with grown children. Therefore, according to the architects, “the scheme concentrated on establishing extensive indoor and outdoor gathering areas, as well as cozy spaces for rest, work, or study.” Earthy tones of travertine marble are used on the floor and walls of a dramatic entrance, which is large and draws attention to extensive city views. The rooms farther inside are distinguished by opulent dark oak floss and bronze accents, which lead to a staircase that takes guests upstairs to the home’s most intimate quarters. 

Elevate by Studio IAAD

Elevate by Studio IAAD

Elevate, a component of a home development symbolizing the partnership of Indian developers Hines and Conscient, mixes biophilic design with contemporary convenience and a cosmopolitan mindset. The house displays life in the neighborhood and is situated in Gurugram, India. It contains landscaping and green views for the residents, sometimes acting as a glass box. This apartment interior design also becomes more opaque in other areas, encouraging peace and privacy.

This three-bedroom apartment interior design is composed of neutral hues and modern furniture to complement the architecture’s modernist goals. The structure, which was intended to be a boutique hotel, is opposed to the practice of treating experience facilities as an afterthought to housing construction. According to the designers, the experience” ethereal slow burn compels the visitor to sit and think, retreating in  the forest world  and transforming into a tranquil refuge that people want to connect to, engage with, inhabit.”

9 Millbank Heritage Collection by Goddard Littlefair

Apartment interior design

Grande period architecture and fashionable lifestyle options are not unfamiliar in London’s historical and glamorous center. One of the best apartment interior design is present in London, which is 9 Millbank. The development is now being built, and the finishing touches will be applied so that it may welcome tenants in 2023 after being entirely finished. The designer of 9 Millbank, St. Edward, has shown the project’s most luxurious interiors, the Heritage Collection, which consists of five apartments at the very top of the building.

Long views of the London cityscape, including glimpses of famous landmarks like the House of Parliament and Big Ben, match the structure’s original features and furnishing, the majority of which have been meticulously conserved and brought back to its previous splendor. When the existing building fabric was too severely damaged, the architects collaborated with constructors to design new elements that faithfully preserved the character of the odd. 

Apartment Interior Design in Udine by Cristina Celestino

interior design style

In a remarkable, brutalist concrete apartment building in Udine, Italy, designer and architect Cristina Celestino recently unveiled the complete renovation of private property. The building’s expensive apartment interior design comes with private balconies, bronzed aluminum window frames, travertine stone-clad communal areas, and pink, textured plaster in the stairwells. It was initially created in 1978 by architect Bodini Massimo Camillo.

This 120-square meter residence was renovated to complement the original architectural concept and materials, according to Celestino. She made an effort to improve each of these features while respecting the resources and drawing ideas from the preexisting geometries. The client wanted a practical house with a well-balanced and considerate use of colors and materials that was also of colors and materials that were also sober but elegant and sophisticated. 

Sun Dial Apartment by Manuelle Gautrand

Sun Dial Apartment

This Parisian project entailed the extensive renovation and remodeling of a duplex apartment in the charming Le Marais neighborhood of the city. This is the first private residence interior design project for renowned French architect Manuelle Gaurtrand. In the concept, which mixes clean surfaces with the owner’s extensive collection of art and decorative accessories, a unique colorful staircase becomes a central focal point. The intention, according to Gautrand, was to the band of sunlight through which the sun might throw its shadow and affect the interior experience both above and downstairs throughout the day, whether it be freezing white winter light or warm sunny light. 

Mexico City Penthouse by Simon Hamui

Mexico City Penthouse

The decor of this opulent residence in central Mexico City is dominated by somber dark chocolate woods and smooth leathers. The facility, which was designed by the Mexican architecture and interior design firm Simon Hamui, strikes a mix of long vistas of the cityscape, private spaces, and enough room for the customers’ art collection. A variety of unique pieces designed exclusively by the Simon Hamui team enhance the contemporary home’s decor. A custom dining table, a silver leaf ceiling, a beautifully curved door, a fireplace, and a bookshelf joinery are a few of their features. 

Apartment Interior Design by HomeChromosome

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