People do not want to waste time getting to and from work. With proximity being the most important factor nowadays, the trend toward 2 BHK flats is growing. Multi-purpose homes offer practical solutions to help you create a distinct style for your home. Customers are more aware of their needs nowadays, and only the right interior designers will be able to meet their changing needs.

budget interior designers in bangalore

Budget Interior Designers in Bangalore

Customers are increasingly looking for budget interior designers in Bangalore who can deliver on time, and Homechromosome is one of them. Here are some design ideas to help you make the most of your 2 BHK flat.

Contemporary Indian interior design

The popularity of contemporary Indian interiors with traditional elements is growing. This look can be achieved by combining simple spaces with the use of bright colours and patterns in textiles and crafts. Budget interior designers in Bangalore can help you achieve such low-cost décor. When this type of design is incorporated into a space, it creates an ambiance that is rooted in Indian culture while also having a modern appeal.

To create a homey atmosphere, decorate the walls with Indian-themed wallpaper and fancy sconces. Choose the best budget interior designers in Bangalore to get the look.

Large Furniture for Small Rooms

It may seem contradictory, but it works: furnish small rooms with a few large pieces of furniture, and the room will look more spacious. This gives the impression that the room is neat while also providing adequate storage space. Walk-in or custom-made wardrobes can also add space and make a home feel more luxurious. Ensure that the large furniture does not appear overpowering or massive, as this would be detrimental.

Functional Furniture

When shopping for new furniture, ensure that it is functional and has plenty of storage space for clothes, books, and other items. Such ideas can be achieved with professional budget interior designers in Bangalore. A bookcase with an integrated work desk, a folding wall bed, ottomans with hidden storage, or a sofa bed can all be used to free up a few square meters. Converting your kitchen into an eat-in kitchen would, under certain circumstances, allow you to forego a fully furnished living room. Room dividers help to separate individual areas, allowing for more space.

Light colours

Light colours make any space appear bigger. Choose light colours and try to keep the colours of the rooms as consistent as possible, whether it’s the furniture, materials, wall colour, or even the carpets. Natural or artificial light sources reinforce this effect and, when used correctly, contribute to making rooms appear larger. A mirror on the wall enlarges the space and reflects light. To let in as much light as possible, choose transparent fabrics for your windows. You can get more such suggestions from budget interior designers in Bangalore.

Curtain combination for Living Room

To give your living room a new look, replace the curtains. The right curtains can make a room feel luxurious and cosy, while the wrong ones can distort the proportions of the room. The amount of sunlight that enters the room is determined by the curtains.

The most important factors to consider to make a room spacious with curtains are its height, length, colour, texture, and practicalities. Curtains are a great way to incorporate patterns into your living room décor, so choose your curtains wisely. For a more understated look, choose a single pattern that complements your colour scheme, like florals and botanical prints. A full-height curtain streamlines the space, creating the illusion of higher ceilings and a larger space.

Dining Room Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Lighting can completely change the atmosphere of a dining room, so make a statement with the help of budget interior designers in Bangalore. There are plenty of lighting options to make your dining room shine, whether it’s an oversized pendant light, fairy lights adorning a wall, a giant Anglepoise-style floor lamp positioned over the table, or the classic oil chimney lamp. You can use paper pendant shades, which are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

If you want to go with table lamps, there are some simple changes you can make yourself. For an industrial look, replace an ordinary light bulb with a vintage-style Edison bulb, or spray paint the base.

Enliven your dining room with a statement rug. Take note of your flooring and contrast the rug accordingly to choose one that works well. For example, some stripes on the rug can give a bold look and give the space a slightly glamorous edge, which is exactly what you want when hosting a dinner party. Choosing a strong accent colour and running with it throughout the room is a great way to amp up the style in your dining room. Choosing a single colour for the table, chairs, or rug is an effective way to create a cohesive scheme.

Drawing room interior design ideas

Owners of a 2bhk flat typically want more space, and this can be done with budget interior designers in Bangalore. The use of mirrors is the oldest trick in home décor manuals. Floating shelves above the TV unit in the living room can also add extra space while displaying decor. Another common interior design tip for making a home appear larger than it is is to use white flooring. It goes without saying that if you have a pet, you will want 2BHK interior design ideas that meet both their and your needs. The pooja unit should be precisely placed in the living room, protected by jali doors, and equipped with bells to increase the sanctity of the space.

Foyer Designs for Indian Flats

The foyer is both the first and last room that your visitors will see, so think of this space as a first chance to showcase the style of your house. As a result, don’t underestimate the importance of the foyer in your interior design. You may also require your foyer area to serve practical purposes, such as storing shoes, umbrellas, and bags. Don’t waste the space behind your main door! Make clever use of the available space. To achieve the classic look, approach the best budget interior designers in Bangalore. Framed artwork or family photos can be displayed on the adjacent wall.


We hope you found our ideas useful! Create that perfect balance of simplicity and elegance in a contemporary style that integrates Vaastu and design for a better experience with budget interior designers in Bangalore.

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