Why 2 Bhk flats are becoming more popular

We are living in an era when creativity is at its maximum. Interior designers face a significant challenge because they must bring in the best to meet the individual needs of their clients, even if the space is limited. Customised interior design is now in high demand, particularly in 2 bhk flats.  Professional interior designers are the most sought after for 2 bhk flat interior design.

People prefer 2 BHK flats because they are affordable and close to their workplaces, as they do not want to spend a lot of time travelling. There is also a trend in which an increasing number of elderly people are moving to 2bhk flats for ease of maintenance and convenience.

The modern contemporary design for Urban Living incorporates airy and open spaces, as well as a lot of wooden elements while avoiding embellished designs. Modern 2 Bhk flats with contemporary design ideas for Urban Living are all about comfort, warmth, and convenience. It is inviting because of the soft colours and soft furnishings, as well as the abundance of natural light.

 Key elements of 2 bhk flat interior design on low budget

A well-designed 2 bhk flat interior design should strike a balance between comfort and functionality. A professional designer can accomplish this even in the smallest of spaces. If you want a low-budget interior design for your 2 bhk flat, Homechromosome can help you get the basics right. We have collaborated on some of the key elements in this design to get that cosy feeling.

 De-clutter your Entrance

The entrance should be eye-catching and clutter-free. It is critical to separate the entrance shoe cabinet and have appropriate holders for keys, bags, and other items. A stylish living room is everyone’s dream because this is where your family and friends will spend the majority of their time together. The focal point of the living room’s interior design in a 2 bhk flat  is the TV unit, which consists of an elegant base unit with a tall display and wooden panelling. 

The L-shaped sofa is specifically designed to give the impression of more width in the room while also not blocking the large window that overlooks the lush hills outside. Individual sofa chairs and a stool are versatile units that can be moved around the house.

A living area in a modern contemporary design extends to the dining space and the kitchen, with defined areas or zones for cooking, seating, eating, and relaxing. People have become less formal in recent times, and they are more willing to share cooking, dining, and relaxing areas. Using a pattern or structure in a 2 bhk flat interior design to create a common foundation between rooms is a  great way to keep modern urban interior design ideas in sync with one another.

Add natural hues to your Bedrooms

The bedrooms can be drenched in soft, neutral hues to create a feeling of space. A simple colour scheme complements modern furniture and keeps the space looking uncluttered in a 2 bhk flat interior design. The furniture can be integrated with the woody elements of the room to create the illusion of a seamless space, resulting in a clean, restfully simple look.

A low custom bed can make the space appear taller, and the large window overlooking the tranquil outdoors adds sunlit airiness. With a low bed and soft cushions, the window corner in your 2 bhk flat interior can be transformed into a reading space.

Use various types of  Lightings

Keep window treatments to a minimum, and choose light-coloured curtains that allow sunlight to flow freely into your rooms to maximise natural light. Incorporate layered lighting with a mix of overhead, floor, table, and light fixtures to create a balanced atmosphere. Install dimmer switches on overhead lights to control brightness and create the ideal atmosphere for various activities throughout the day.

Choose energy-efficient LED lights to save money on your electric bill while enjoying the brilliance and longevity of these modern lighting options. Accent lighting draws attention to focal points in your 2 BHK home by highlighting artwork and other decor. Outdoor lighting for balconies, patios, and garden areas extends the brightness beyond your interiors, creating an inviting outdoor space.

 Add soft furnishings

The importance of comfortable home furnishings in completing the look of a modern contemporary 2 bhk flat cannot be overstated. Consider natural fibre rugs in warm tones over white, grey, or wood flooring.

Choose natural-coloured throws and pillows like brown, cream, and grey for your sofa. Another way to elevate any room is to incorporate metallic tones, such as gold and bronze, as well as mirrors, throughout your home.

Use Modern Accessories

Plants and botanicals add to the texture of the urban modern decor while keeping the entire space light and refreshing.

Although urban modern design emphasises minimalism, certain accessories with personality and charm in small doses are always welcome. Make sure that the decorative objects you display are both functional and beautiful additions to your attempt at mastering contemporary urban modern style.

Add some personality

Making a distinct statement is essential for injecting personality into urban modern decor. Every room should have at least one statement piece, whether it’s a work of art, furniture with a bold pattern or vibrant colour, or intriguing lighting. A simple thing like a floor-to-ceiling window framed by a lovely pair of curtains, a stunning piece of abstract art, a fantastic vintage find full of character, or a wallpaper experiment can have a significant impact on the character of the room


Nothing should prevent your 2 bhk  flat  from becoming the talk of the town. Work on your 2 bhk flat interior design to make your home happier and more inviting.

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