In studio apartment interior design, you have to make the most of a single room by turning it into a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, an office, and maybe even more. Try to do this without adding too much stuff because you’ll probably feel overwhelmed and stifled if you do. But it would be best if you didn’t let a lack of space or a complicated layout stop you from making your home a cozy, stylish place you’ll want to spend a lot of time in. The following ideas for a studio apartment interior design will not only make living in a small space more accessible and more comfortable but also more stylish. By looking at the studio apartment interior design ideas, you can get ideas for how to turn your simple house into a beautiful dream home. 

Studio apartment interior design ideas

Studio apartment interior design ideas

Studio apartment interior design idea #1 – Use Reflective surfaces

Mirrors and other shiny surfaces can be used for more than just admiring yourself. But more importantly, these shiny things can make your studio apartment interior design look much more significant. You need to know that reflective materials tend to scatter the natural light that comes into your home through your large windows or the lights in the ceiling. When the right amount of light shines on them, these small studio apartment interior designs look a lot bigger than they are. Because the light that has been bent makes it look like there is more space on the floor, you will be able to impress your guests and yourself. 

So, a black and silver-colored interior with shiny silver surfaces would still look very modern and open. Don’t start on how much a few carefully placed mirrors could change a room’s appearance. 

Studio apartment interior

Studio apartment interior design idea #2 – Use carpeting to divide the floor plan into different sections

Do you remember what we said about putting a rug in the entryway to make it look warmer? Using different carpets and area rugs, you can go even further and make the house look like it has many different rooms. If you have Murphy beds or foldable beds that hide away, you need carpeting all over the floor plan. This is because the beds and bedding will be hidden. On the other hand, you should use unique carpets if each room has its own space. With long carpeting or a series of rugs, the living room can feel like an extension of the foyer. In the bedroom, you can add ideas by putting a soft carpet around the bed frame.  Bamboo floor mats can also be used to make a room more comfortable and make it much easier to clean. 

Studio apartment interior design

Studio apartment interior design idea #3 – Use every inch of space and declutter

Mess is never attractive, no matter what. Think of ways to improve your storage options and use creativity to ensure everything has a place. You don’t have to change your tastes just because you live in a studio flat with a small amount of space. You might want a cozy place to sleep with a headboard, or you might want to make a good bedroom that is a little small. 

Please make the most of every square foot of floor space in a studio apartment to make it as helpful as possible. Spread out your furniture to give the impression of a larger floor plan and make it look less cluttered. It is crucial to keep your midsection clean.

The average size of a studio flat is a little small, so filling it with big, bulky furniture might make it look even smaller. Instead of long pieces of furniture that go from side to side, you should use pieces that go up and down. Move your furniture and decorations closer to the walls and clear the middle of the room for activities and fun.

Studio apartment interior design

Studio apartment interior design idea #4 – Use floating art and furniture

Use this modern way to hang up your carefully chosen things so they look their best. You can make your art the center of attention in a room by putting it in a prominent place, like a corner or on curtain rods.

You can also hang some furniture in the room if you want to. Studio apartments are made to fit as many small, hidden pieces of furniture as possible. Thanks to the design’s defined corners and hooks, you can hang a dining table, a bookcase, a desk for your home office that can be taken apart, or even a styled hanging closet.

Floating furniture and art are becoming increasingly popular in residential interior design, adding a lot to the room’s overall look.

Studio apartment interior design idea

Studio apartment interior design idea #5 – Use furniture that is made creatively to make more storage space

People often choose low-bearing furniture like a stage bed when they move into a studio or one-bedroom apartment because it takes up less space. Even though they look very modern and take up less vertical space, they usually don’t have any extra storage space.

You must know that a stage bed is almost impossible to take apart from the floor below it. Because of this, you can only put it away when you’re using it, and it also takes up a lot of floor space. Instead, buy sturdy furniture for the parts of your home that you will only be moving around sometimes. You can hide things you don’t need under them by covering them with linen.

Let’s say you have a coffee or dining table that always stands straight up. You can store things in the space under the bed, or you can build pull-out drawers or cubbies for more space. You can easily hide the shelves and storage solutions by draping an attractive tablecloth.

Studio apartment interior design idea #6 – Glass walls and room dividers

Put up some glass walls. Glass wall gives the much-needed feeling of privacy while still letting people see each other and feel a sense of community and care. You can also choose from different room dividers, which are common in the interior design of Japanese homes. These simple room dividers give the impression of separate living spaces while letting the home’s interior design stick to a simple layout plan.

You might want to build some room dividers on your own, or you can use your sense of art and beauty to make the space beautiful, making it feel warmer and more like the person’s own. 

Studio apartment interior design idea #6 - Glass walls and room dividers

Studio apartment interior design idea #7 – Find functional spaces

When decorating studio apartment interior design, one of the most common mistakes people make is trying too hard to make the space look like it was only made for function. People often make this mistake because they don’t have much money and think they’ll soon be able to afford a bigger living space. So, they don’t realize how important it is to put money into the design of their studio space. Make sure you don’t make a mistake that messes up your design! Your design is based on an open concept, and each part serves a practical purpose. Even if you don’t have walls or doors to separate your space, you should try to make each section feel like its own room. It doesn’t take much work to go from a design that is only useful to one that is well thought out. 

Studio apartment interior design idea #7 - Find functional spaces

Studio apartment interior design idea #8 – Vertical space

When your house is small, and you don’t have much space, creating visual heights is the best way to make the most of both. This trick makes the room look much bigger than it is. Most of the time, what people have in mind is that it’s best to have cabinets and shelves at eye level. Now, the heights of things can make a difference. You can also put up horizontal shelves, tall room dividers, large pieces of wall art, bookcases, ladder storage, ceiling cabinets, and so on. Putting a big mirror in a room is a great way to make it look bigger than it is. This is a tried-and-true way to make a house look bigger than it is. You could also decorate your home with things that hang from the ceiling, like pendant lights or fabric decorations like jute hangings.

Studio apartment interior design idea #8 - Vertical space

Studio apartment interior design by HomeChromosome

It’s not hard to design a studio apartment interior design. All you have to do is figure out what you need and get rid of everything else. If you want to move into a studio apartment but need to know how to set up the space, contact us at HomeChromosome. Our designers can help you choose the right furniture, accessories, and color scheme for your home. You can view our portfolio here and follow us on Instagram here. Email us at for a quick response.