White walls do not have to be boring as the right curtains can add personality to the space. It may appear simple, but choosing the right curtains to complement white walls requires a great deal of precision, forethought, planning, and decorating.

curtains for white walls

Walk with us to get an idea of choosing curtains for white-walled rooms based on colour, fabric, ease of maintenance, and so on to make the room look brighter and happier.

Curtains for White Walls: Curtain Materials

To add some variety, you can choose different coloured curtains with different materials for summer, winter, and monsoon seasons and never have a dull season that way.

Classic Linen 

Linen exudes a very summery appearance and feel. Natural fibre, slightly heavyweight linen in a variety of neutral colours adds elegance and is a perfect match while selecting curtains for white walls. Linen adds a touch of class to any space.

Royal Velvet

Although velvet is a soft fabric to the touch, it is one of the more difficult fabrics to work with. You can achieve a harmonious look with curtains for white walls with velvet by using the right colour combinations. It adds a royal touch to the room.

Traditional Silk

Nothing beats silk for a traditional look when it comes to living room curtains for white walls. Its richness is unparalleled, and it will gracefully drape your windows. It adds a sophisticated look to any room.

Playful Viscose

Affordable and easy to maintain, this type of curtain fabric is easy to wash and comes in a variety of vibrant colours. These curtains for white walls will add a playful touch to any room.

Colours and Patterns

To create a peaceful environment, the best curtains for white walls are neutrals such as white, off-white, and brown. To add serenity, pair white walls with cool blue, green, or grey curtains. For vibrant contrast, choose red, yellow, or orange. Lilac and pink curtains offer a gentler counterpoint. The joy of white walls is that changing your curtains and a few accessories can transform a room with the best curtain colors and designs for white walls

Use vivid or warm-toned curtains for white walls to strike a brilliant balance and create a beautiful contrast in your home. Coloured curtains create a cinematic atmosphere in your home by dispersing light.

Colours and patterns add character to a white wall, and different materials work with specific colours and patterns. Here are a few of the best curtain colours and designs for white walls that we think will go really well with white walls.

Warm colours for White Walls

Cool colours, such as lighter blues, rich royal blue, or navy blue, are ideal for creating a solid backdrop for architectural details in a minimalist aesthetic. Greens inspired by nature, such as earthy moss, fern green, and deep olive, are an excellent way to introduce freshness to your room. Sage curtains for white walls add just a hint of green to a white canvas. Darker ivy green can be eye-catching against a white wall, but it can also be toned down in a green-on-white botanical pattern.

The saying goes that yellow wakes me up in the morning. Indeed, all shades of yellow look sunny against white walls, and yellow curtains add a playful element to a room. Pale pink curtains stand out against the white walls and honey-coloured wood. For effortless chic curtains for white walls, add minty green accents.

White and grey have dominated contemporary home interiors. The combination is graceful and sophisticated, but this season’s greys are saturated with colour: for curtain colours, consider smokey blue greys, textured greige, and moody charcoal. The charcoal curtains stand out against the white walls. They don’t overpower in an airy white and grey colour palette.

Bold Colour Curtains for White Walls

Get complete privacy with curtains in bold colours like purple or blue. Velvet curtains serve two functions in your living room: first, they completely block out direct sunlight, and second, they add a plush appearance to the space. It adds a luxurious touch to the room.

Red curtains for white walls instantly add a vibrant warmth to your room, making it cosy. They also draw your attention to the window, framing a lovely view. White walls in a red-and-white colour scheme have the advantage of softening the impact of too much red.  

Earthy shades of Linen for White Walls

Earthy colours complement linen the best, and alternate dark and light blue shades can be used to create a colour-blocked effect. Earthy browns are popular in home decor; incorporate these hues into your curtains. To complement a colonial or safari-themed living room, choose from rust, tan, or chocolate brown. ked effect.

Off-white shades for White Walls

Combining white walls with off-white neutrals like pearl, ecru, and beige adds welcome warmth to a cold, sterile space. To add weight and texture to the curtains, use an ombre fabric with a colour gradient or gentle stripes. A muted, chalky blue will enhance the gentle ambiance and liven up a neutral palette.

Floral prints in Cotton

The classic floral prints in cotton will never go out of style. There is a fantastic economy of design when it comes to blinds. This type of design is enhanced by thick cotton with prints or patterns, and it gives any room a homey feel. Your blinds will stay in place because the material isn’t puffy or swishy.

Sheers with Patterns

A sheer curtain is light and airy, and it adds a modern and contemporary feel to a room. The use of sheer curtains in combination with thick curtains is not a new trend. In contrast, sheers with intricate patterns should be avoided. Sheer curtains completely change the experience of the room and give it a new look.

Lace in White for White Walls

White walls and white curtains may appear stereotypical, but white shades bolder or lighter than the wall with lace are unrivaled in grace and beauty. These curtains can help you achieve a true Victorian look.

Final Thoughts

White is a soothing backdrop for any size home, and it always calms both homeowners and guests from the first glance. White walls can serve as an excellent canvas. Complement it with a plethora of pops of colour, whether light or dark and strike a balance. Try these recommendations for modern curtain styles for rooms with white walls.

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