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You’ve chosen furniture, antiques, and artwork for your home. What about selecting the best curtain colour for white walls? Pastel colours immediately spring to mind as you envision a sun-kissed look with the morning sunlight streaming in through the window. Such a gentle contrast to the white walls, maintaining an airy and fresh feel.

Pastel shades, such as powder blue, lilac, mint, blush pink, and sherbet lemon, are popular in home decor and make the best curtain colour for white walls. Pastel colours contain just enough white to appear pale and soft while retaining their colourful personality. As a result, they have the character of the original colour and the cleansing tone of white.

When paired with white walls, soft colour curtains can create a more put-together, layered look as well as a soothing ambience. Here’s our take on pastel colours for white walls to achieve a variety of looks.

Perfect Pairing of Pastel Colours with Neutral Shades

Neutral shades are timeless, and grey is the new neutral because it can be used as an alternative to more traditional options such as beige. Pastel colours work well with greys and are the best curtain colour for white walls, also creating a refreshing contrast. To add style to a grey sofa and armchair, consider adding pastel accessories, blinds, or curtains.

Make an Impact with Pastel-Coloured Curtains

Pastels such as aqua blue, mint green, and pale pink can introduce a sense of calm into a room while also providing a subtle pop of colour. Pale yellow vanilla tones in the living room or bedroom curtains can create a relaxing atmosphere. Pastel colours, while softer than brights like poppy red and sunflower yellow, can still make an impact. Choose pastels as the best curtain colour for white walls and layer fabrics in similar colours with different textures and designs.

Match Curtains with White Interiors

Pastel colours are an excellent choice for soft furnishings for those who prefer white as a neutral colour with a contemporary feel. A blush pink, sherbet lemon, or pale peppermint will shine brightly against a white wall or sofa. Pastel lemon combines the optimism of yellow with the freshness of white. Pastel shades are, without doubt, the best curtain colour for white walls.

Have Fun with Curtains in Ice Cream Colours

If you thought only ice cream came in sorbet shades, how about pairing white walls with curtains that come in cool pastels and vanilla hues? Use decorative printed cushions to create contrast and vibrancy in your room, and have fun with ice cream colours.

Subtle Powder Blue Curtains Ideal for Home Office

Now that working from home has become the norm, how about adding an office touch to your home workspace with classic powder blue? This shade is versatile and suitable for both bathroom and bedroom curtains. There are several options; depending on your decor, you can choose a pattern or a block colour.

Contrast Pastel Colours with Darker Shade Interiors

With white as the base for walls and furnishings in darker shades like dark brown, navy blue, or black, you can use pastel colours for curtains and bring a heavenly match. Pastels pair well with dark colours, enhancing the other. A pink or lilac curtain combined with a chocolate sofa makes a real style statement. These are the best options for the best curtain colour for white walls.

Make a Statement with Pastel Print Florals

Express your style with a fabric in a decorative pattern or a subtle design, from beautiful florals to graphic prints. Sorbet shades of lilac, pale yellow, and blush pink are the best curtain colour for white walls. These are a soothing alternative to bold colours while still allowing you to personalise your home decor. You can even throw in a bright for a dash of colour and make it more interesting.

Combination White and Pink

The combination of pink curtains over white walls is simply surreal and is the best curtain colour for white walls. Pastel curtains and white walls are like a match made in heaven. Pep your all-white room up with pink curtains and see how it unfolds into an artsy paradise that you can call your own.

Mauve is Taking over Interiors

Mauve, a soft purple between pink and violet, is becoming a popular choice for home decor and is making its way. It is romantic, rich, and feminine and looks best against a white wall. Mauve curtains can be both traditional and modern, adding a fresh look to the interiors. It isn’t dark, but it has enough pigment to make it stand out and evoke an earthy touch.

The Psychological Power of Pastels

Pastel colours have dual aspects. They are not just the best curtain colours for white walls but also soothe and relax the viewer while retaining the energy and vibrancy of colour that other subdued tones frequently lack. Lemon, mint, and peach pastels are popular in hospitals for their healing properties.

There is something really upbeat about pastels. They can evoke feelings of spring, youth, childhood, joy, and affection.

How to Design Your Home with Pastels?

Designers consider pastel colours elegant. They have a long history of infusing designs with novelty and excitement. While pastels are visually appealing, they can overpower a room if used excessively. Pastel drape design ideas is a fusion of earthier or darker hues and are the best curtain colours for white walls.

Pastel colours, for example, can be used to emphasise interior features in a traditional design. Choose a colour that complements the room’s furniture and adds a sense of subtle contrast. It improves the room’s appearance and brightness.

Closing Thoughts

Pastel colours have evolved alongside vibrant contrasting colours, resulting in a strong design statement. A long-overdue renaissance is underway in interior design, and designers adore these often-overlooked colours because they add vitality and uniqueness to their work.

Pastel touches curtains may easily transform contemporary rooms. Pastel colours are thought to be psychological healers, and they remain a popular design trend.

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