The office is where people spend most of their time and a creativity-boosting and quirky workspace can literally make time fly! Commercial interior design over the years has gained prominence, and thanks to the evolution in corporate cultures, the demand for designing creative and quirky workspaces has increased significantly.

With Bangalore being the hub for offices, there has been a significant growth in demand for commercial interior designers in Bangalore to ensure the working space offers comfort, convenience, and a platform for employees to perform their best! The process of renovating the interiors can be long and is often executed after careful planning and consideration. This is your opportunity to add your own touch of spark to things with the help of commercial interior designers in Bangalore.

If you are planning to add elements that can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your workspace then this blog is just right for you! Know that you do not have to spend a fortune to decorate, planning and budgeting carefully are important to ensure all your efforts reflect just the way you have wanted them to! 

This blog explores 9 ideas for creating a creative and quirky work space to help solve your commercial interior design vows!

9 Commercial Interior Design Ideas for Creating a Creative and Quirky Work Space

  1. Have a gathering space: An organization often has different teams working together for a common goal but how often do they get the chance to gel with other teammates from different departments? A common gathering space ensures everyone has a space where they can freely talk and get to know each other. This place can also be the platform for celebrations & elaborate team meets. The idea is to have a space that lets people have conversations and collaborate more freely outside their own departments. 
  1. Add art that speaks values of the organization: Art has a purpose beyond making the walls look less boring. There will be dull days when a little motivation can be the catalyst for something greater and bigger! If your office has walls that are in need for an artistic touch, consider getting neon signs that talk about the organization’s values. Place them at places where people are in the flow of movement or spend their most time at. These signs can be something as simple as ‘create a recipe success’, just a spark of motivation can do wonders. Additionally, this is a great way to break the monotony of walls, windows and doors surrounding people.
  1. Have spots that bring joys: Workspaces do not have to be all about work. At the end of the day, working at a happy place matters too. Consider having dedicated spaces where your employees can take a moment and relax. A spot that gives them happiness. Be it setting up a small DIY coffee counter or a dedicated shelf with a wide range of snacks, consider setting up a space where your employees can truly relax before getting back to work. 
  1. Include elements that promote creativity: By introducing elements that break monotonicity of  work is a huge boost to creativity. By including simple elements like board games, colouring books and crossword puzzles, you can boost creativity at work!
  1. Nature’s own wonders: By introducing elements of biophilia, an office space can become greener and offer a better environment for its employees to work in. If possible, introduce more natural light in the workspaces, have more plants and if feasible, consider using the terrace space for a rooftop garden! Not only does this add to the charm of the workspace but you will also be adding a dash of nature’s touch to the office!
  1. Have a dedicated space to test project progress: Not having to worry about collecting all the efforts made into laying out a project frees up more mental space. When you allow a dedicated space to test, try and experiment with projects, without having to worry about the efforts getting messed up, the overall outcome becomes more effective and the process more efficient.
  1. Use vibrant colors: painting office walls in a vibrant colour is a great way to enhance product witty at work. Alternatively you can opt for an accent wall wherein only one wall of the room is painted in a vibrant color and the rest are left blank. This way the room has a pop of color and breaks the stare to the wall with no colors. This method has shown to increase productivity and prevent burnout. 
  1. Customize tabletops: Your workspace is where you spend most of your time and it’s always a great idea to add a hand of personalization to the spot where you find yourself working the most. While personalization does not have to be over the top, the fact that you are adding a personal touch itself is a great way to increase productivity. To begin with you can start with adding your own personal pen stands, diary and other articles that you feel create a cosy and comfortable work desk. With growth in technology today, you can consider buying a mug heater which has been proven to be a great addition to the work desk customization especially if you are someone who enjoys their coffee or tea a lot but often ends up with a cup of beverage that is cool down!
  1. Add gadgets that improve health: Long hours of sitting at one position can cause damage to the back. To prevent this, consider using chiropractic support cushions that support the back and the neck while you are in the position. If you spend a long time typing, consider buying a high quality mechanical keyboard and wrist braces to prevent the early onset of carpal tunnel syndrome. This is another way to give your workspace a creative and quirky touch from interior design!

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