Minimalist house design ideas believe in Less is more motto that emphasizes a simple, uncluttered way of living. Minimalism is more than just a style of interior design. This doesn’t always work with traditional Indian design, which tends to put a lot of emphasis on elaborate details and grandeur. Because of this, people often think minimalist house interior design is cold, clinical, and not very inviting. But it is possible to mix and match the looks of each of these styles. With a few well-placed changes and creative thinking, you can make your home look like the perfect blend of modern minimalism and Indian interior design.

Minimalist house design ideas

Minimalist house design ideas #1 – Simplicity

Many minimalist house design ideas have floor plans that are kept simple, uncomplicated, and efficient on purpose. They also stack large amounts of space. This makes it easier to understand because specific and easy-to-predict places exist. Most minimalist floor plans have simple shapes, open floor plans, few internal walls, few places to store things, and a focus on views and natural light. For doors and windows, simple holes have been cut out of the fronts of the buildings. In general, this type of modern minimalist house design is simple and doesn’t have a lot of turns, curves, or sharp angles. Also, most minimalist homes have simple roof lines. 

minimalist house

Minimalist house design ideas #2 – Declutter

Cut down on the number of furniture and decorations you have in your space. Leave the walls and floor plan. As much as possible, you should avoid carpeting that goes from wall to wall and has layers. Use symmetrical grouping to create a focal point in a space that doesn’t have much going on. Several studies have shown that most people like symmetrical compositions because they give them a sense of balance that can’t be missed. You can finish the arrangement grouping to create a focal point in a space that doesn’t have much going on.

modern minimalist house

Minimalist house design ideas #3 – Plain Walls

In the context of minimalist house design ideas, plain walls might seem tedious, but if they are planned well, they can create a lovely, peaceful effect like the one in this room. Choose one piece of art that makes a statement to be the room’s focal point and leave the other walls blank. Figurines of a smaller size are also a great way to add personality to a room without taking it over. If you use more than one piece, leave space between them so the walls can breathe. 

minimalist interior design

Minimalist house design ideas #4 – Monochromatic

A minimal house design can sometimes look too simple. To liven up your minimalist interiors, you must make bold design choices. For example, a single piece of monochromatic art can help fill the space in the living room. Don’t go crazy with the room’s decoration, or things might get cluttered and hard to figure out. You can choose one or more exciting art pieces to display. 

modern minimalist interior design

Minimalist house design ideas #5 – Neutral colors

In minimalist house interior design, it is best to use a simple color scheme with neutral colors that don’t stand out. The muter color palettes used in the minimalist design make the whole thing look simpler. Most minimalist house color schemes are shades of white, beige, and other neutrals. You can keep the space’s energy by using something that stands out in the room. On the other hand, the main color scheme should be monochromatic tones, known for making open, bright, and appealing spaces. The minimalist use of aqua nude tones also gives spaces an air of subtle elegance. 

minimalist home design

Minimalist house design ideas #6 – Cladding and Finishes

Using a simple, continuous exterior cladding material can make a building look nice and give it shape quickly and easily. This is done by showing the physical qualities and textures of the material. You can see how the 2-inch-by-2-inch horizontal wood slats add depth and interest to the front of the building. In the picture on the right, the lap joints and blue color of the siding on the right make it stand out against the rest of the white interior. Also, pay attention to the fact that neither of the photos has any seams. The fact that each horizontal piece is one continuous piece is also helpful. 

minimalist style interior design

Minimalist house design ideas #7 – Textiles

Rugs, carpets, and throws add a new dimension to a room. This is especially noticeable in homes with a minimalist style, where everything else is muted. The rug in this room has a mix of patterns and a simple design that can be hard to deal with if it is not used in the best way. 

minimalist style interior design

Minimalist house design ideas #8 – Light

A home with a minimalist design could sometimes look like it has a little personality. You could add things to the room that have character and fit with the design’s overall theme. In this case, lighting is an important thing to think about. You can choose modern fixtures like pendant lights, floor lamps, etc. Light fixtures give each room or space its personality. 

living room minimalist interior design

Minimalist house design ideas #9 – Glass

Many house architects are developing new ways to use glass walls in minimalist house design ideas. As a result, glass walls have become an essential part of modern minimalist design. Glass walls draw attention to the light wooden floor and the contemporary white wall and make living areas cozier, brighter, and more inviting. They make the bathroom and any beautiful staircase stand out. Thanks to the outdoor glass walls built into the in-house garage, you can enjoy a gorgeous view of their living room. 

Minimalist house design ideas #10 – Storage

When you can’t get rid of clutter completely, hiding it is the next best thing. Replace open shelves or glass doors in places like your kitchen that tend to get cluttered with opaque shutters with hidden handles; if you want the room to look nice, match the color of your walls and ceiling to the color of your cabinets. 

minimalist design closet

Minimalist house design ideas #11 – Rustic

If you want to give your home a unique minimalist look, you can go with this awe-inspiring rustic-cum-minimalist style. You can choose to do this if you wish. The exposed brick wall is the most rustic part of the room, with a simple layout and other design elements. Only the most essential pieces of furniture are in the room. Also, the walls are made of natural bamboo, which adds to the space’s odd but aesthetically pleasing minimalist design. 

minimalist design definition

Minimalist house design ideas #12 – Woodwork

Wooden furniture is an integral part of how traditional Indian homes look on the inside. You can make a surprising mix by combining it with a modern minimalist design. The space, which is all white and black and designed in a minimalist style, feels very natural because of the swing, the dining table, the wooden sofa, and the TV unit. Wooden furniture is a standard part of traditional Indian architecture and interior design, and most Indian homes have it. The minimalist style focuses on clean lines and light and airy furniture. Choose simple wooden furniture with few or no decorations, or none at all, instead of the large, intimidating, and intricately carved furniture usually used in Indian homes. This will make your rooms look sleek and simple, like how it makes this area look. 

minimalist design kitchen

Minimalist house design ideas by HomeChromosome

The key to successful minimalist interior design is to get rid of everything that is not necessary and keep things simple. Still, it’s never about uninteresting interiors. So, we would tell you to take some risks and try out different parts without putting too much emphasis on any one thing. Playing down monochromatic color palettes and plain design is appealing because it makes the spaces simple and free of clutter. HomeChromosome, the best interior designers in Bangalore, will help you out. Visit the Homechromosome website, get started with your interiors, and have fun. Let our skilled professionals assist you! You can view our portfolio here and follow us on Instagram here. Email us at for a quick response.