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Our Approach

Keeping in tune with the latest trends and customer preferences, Home Chromosome keeps itself updated right from the selection of products to interior designing inspired by technology. Aiming at changing the practice of space and design planning and execution, Home Chromosome is out and ready to bring in changes in your life. 


  • Share with us your floor plan and your detail requirement.
  • Our designers will come up with a furniture layout plan and design presentation.
  • Let us sit over a coffee and design the house from the scratch.
  • Choose the finishes, wall color, flooring pattern, furniture, accessories etc. Let your imagination unravel, for it is not just a home but a place where your story begins.
  • Leave it to the designers to form a 3D model.
  • Collaborate virtually, and finalize the design details.
  • Leave it to our execution team to bring your design to reality.

Technology Support Going Techy


Enriching your power of visualization, we take you close to the reality view of how your home interior would look like after designing it. Creating multiple interior choices using 3D rendering, Home Chromosome extends its hands to suit the choices of diverse buyers. 3D interior virtual tour can effectively convey the design and speaks volumes about the dedication of the designers who sketches your dream to bring it to life.

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