How to Decorate Children’s Room

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Children learn from what they see, taught an experience which is why it is important to develop a fun and meaningful environment for their living. Every child is different and so is their likes and dislikes and since they grow up fast, it is even more important to have their rooms designed in such a way that it remains adorable and fun with their age. For this to achieve, you can try to capture your child’s personality, tastes, preferences, and even their ideals into their room décor. See if they like more of a brave, fun or sophisticated life which you may incorporate in their rooms. Be it a classic room, modern, or eclectic, homechromosome will help you make a perfect children bedroom for them to create beautiful memories and amazing experiences.

For a Baby’s room

Consider starting with the nursery furniture, as children grow up faster we recommend you take up something which can be easily re-arranged, however, you can also go for built-in cots, storage space or cabinets. For your little ones don’t forget the ceiling areas for the sky like designs to dreamland for their goodnight dreams. For themes, you can either go for boyish blues and girlish pink or can even maintain some neutral theme, based on your desired preferences. Think about the overall feel you want to obtain out of it, whether you want to give a cozy, bold, vibrant or pretty looking themes to the room.

A Child’s room

Based on your children personality, preferences, tastes, and desires you can create a rough design and encourage your children for more input and ideas as to what they want in their room. Also, carefully considering the functionality sections like storage space for various toys, books, crafts, and multiple belongings, and don’t miss out on incorporating some fun elements. For children, you may play around with some bold and bright colors, funky patterns or some eclectic children’s bedroom furniture. Effectively use some lively murals, wall stickers, hangings and starry night ceiling for boosting your child’s imagination.

Designing a Teenager’s room

Give all your ears to your children while decorating their room, this is a good way to encourage them and letting them actively participating in their room interior design layouts. Although they tend to go for more trendy things and their tastes which might keep changing with time, you may come to a mutual point of mix and match combinations. Actually, easy-going designs can easily transit through their years of transition. You may like to choose some subtle wall hue with some classic style furniture and incorporate it some jazzy accessories, and some trending wall art. Don’t miss out on an inviting study table for their studies and homework with bookshelves.

Tips for the children’s room

1) Walls: Use simple and subtle wall colors for them to transit for years with their age. Although you may not want to keep gender-based colors you can always try to mix-matched range of colors from reds to green. A general rule for deciding wall colors remain the size of the room, lighter colors for smaller rooms while bold and bright colors for bigger rooms. Don’t be conscious about the thumb rule and rather you can explore wall colors based on your children preferences. Alternatively, you can keep one statement wall with patterns, murals or bright wallpapers and the others with neutral colors for a more balanced look and feel.

2) Consider keeping creative storage options as you and children would both like to keep the memories safe. Most of the kids have a lot of stuff, in such case, go for some fun and bright color storage options in your designs.

3) Flooring: While choosing flooring for your children’s room, go for more durable, resilient, definitely low maintenance as well as hardwearing surfaces. Nowadays, Vinyl flooring comes in a wide range of varieties and they are also affordable at the same time. They are easy to clean and maintain for younger children. And if you are looking for options like Carpet, then you can go for some vibrant colors. You can think of some rugs if not carpet around the wooden floor which can add some soft areas for floor activities and games.  

4) As children are very active and have several different tasks to perform in their room, be careful about their lighting for studies, fun and rest time.

Transforming room as they grow up

This transition from a baby to child and to teenage is a lot of change to see and experience with your child. With all this transition times their tastes, preferences, and needs also change from the bedroom. For teenagers, it is important for them to have their privacy and space to express. You can add some energy and life into their room by adding some vibrant colors. Some may like pop artists and bean bags while others may like bookshelves and inspiring quotes. As they grow up they definitely need more spaces for gadgets like laptop, bookshelves, and drawers to help keep things tidy. Curtains can quickly transform any old fashioned room into something themed and pretty.

Choosing the right Décor Styling for your Children Room

Out of many more creative and mix-matched ideas, here classic, modern, eclectic or Scandinavian kids bedroom furniture to complement the decorative style.

Classic children’s room

For classic styling, pastel hues work just the best. Go for neutral colors which can be accessorized differently with the years and yet continue to give fresh look every time you change the accessories.

Modern children’s room

Based on children preferences you can go for some bold primary colors and their favorite characters with futuristic furniture. Give it a quirky look with some letters, words, quotes, numbers or global maps.

Eclectic style children’s room

Play with different parts of their room with cartoons, murals, starry-night, and fairy lands while also keeping some neutral space in the center.

Hope this article helps you find the best option for your child’s interior décor in Bangalore and for more information or help you can connect with us or write us an email.

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