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Restaurants are a great place for socializing and breaking your daily monotonous lifestyle. From deep conversation to laughter, everything happens across the table but with food. Haha! But nowadays, restaurants are not famous only for their food rather customers these demands a great ambiance where they can open up with their friends and have an exceptional experience. While Village Desi Indian trends in metro cities are topping the list of creative interior designs and affordable restaurants, lavish fine dines delivers a more personalized and luxurious experience to their customers. So keeping all that in mind, we will share a list of the hot new interior design trends we think you’ll see a lot of in 2019. From broad concepts for a large and new space to smaller design details for cafes or revamping an existing venue, keeping up-to-date with developments and innovations is a must for all small businesses. 


Great food, design, and ambiance are the driving force for a successful shop, café, fine dine or QSR restaurant. Customers are more design-informed than ever and are very active on social media for their check-ins and reviews about any brand. It's incredible to see the progress, creativity and the design attention every small and big restaurant is paying. Giving experiences to people last longer as a memory than anything else and that’s how you build your reference customers. 

Desi and Social

Societal tastes change right under our noses, you might not have even given heed to Dhabas before in your life and now you can’t resist going to such Desi village interiors. They are not only cool but it takes you back to the old days when everything was raw and affordable. We need to keep abreast of the subtle adjustments in cultural preferences to keep our customers engaged. Nowadays, social and communal eating is trending and accelerating and you would need to customize restaurant furniture which is compact, apt for your design theme and multi-functional. Talking about what’s difficult to achieve is the seating and floor space to accommodate as many people as possible and yet provide comfort at the same time. 


Using energy efficient Energy Star appliances such as Energy Star furnaces, heating and cooling elements, hand dryers, washing machines, refrigerators, lighting, microwaves, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, ovens, dishwashers, and much more. Reuse decor items including tables, chairs, and more. You can also buy furniture made with rapidly renewable wood like bamboo or FSC Certified wood. Using organic cotton and not conventional cotton textiles for your Chairs, tables, and accessories. You might have come across plenty of restaurants re-using old cycles and scooters and what not to give that Boho look. Perhaps this is the trend of the century, and 2019 will only see a further evolution in this megatrend. 

Local Art

The trend which is followed more in Fine Dine restaurants to showcase the rich and traditional culture of India. Upscale diners are often patrons of the arts, and they appreciate the exposure to the creative minds in their midst. From Hotels to High-End Fine Dine Restaurants, you will see the most beautiful art pieces like handwoven Carpets, Tribal art on walls. These are some of the initiatives taken by Restaurant chains to protect the National Art.

Urban Forest


A trend which is followed since 2018, real indoor and outdoor plants for restaurant interiors will continue this year as well. The presence of plants adds vibrant greenery in the overall ambiance of the restaurant. The best part is that it suits all types of restaurants from QSR, to Fine dining, to bars and even cafes. This concept adds freshness and soothes the mood of the customers. Hanging potted plants and green walls are also one of the popular ways to decorate your Restaurant.  Greenery is in every nook and cranny these days and not only in Potted plants but also comes in various accessories.


While a QSR requires a set of more vibrant and bright colors to brighten up the mood of customers, casual dining customers go for little subtle wall colors with a pinch of bright accessories and potted plants. On the other hand, in any Fine-Dine restaurant, you can easily select some muted pastel colors with lavish crystal lightings and Silk or velvet upholstery to create that perfect look. Depending upon your target customers and type of restaurant, you can choose the look you want in your Restaurant Interior Design in Bangalore or you may drop us an email for consultancy. 

Instagram- Picture Perfect spaces

Social media is a brilliant way to spread the word about different venues and spaces. From finger licking food to beautiful cutlery and amazing interiors, you need it all to do your organic marketing because the rest would be done by your customers. To make your restaurant or cafe interior worth a pic, consider statement lighting or features, or combining whimsical vintage pieces with more rugged industrial finishes. Patterned tiling, clever use of color, or piece of art will all earn you a place on your customers’ feeds.

Dark wood- For Bars and Fine Dine

Dark Wood and Dim lights are more suitable for Bars and Fine Dine. In your Restaurant interior design in 2019, you will see more of dark and stained wood in restaurant furniture for Bars, Microbreweries and Fine Dine Restaurants. These deeper-toned woods if complemented well with leather and moody-hued walls for a truly luxurious experience.

Communal Spaces

For a more social, open and interactive restaurant cultures, long tables with benches or maybe smartly designed banquette seating utilize maximum available floor space and allow people to share conversations and experiences with one another. 

Retro is still big

Well, retro is one trend which is digging in its heels these days. This particular theme works well with Casual dining, Bars and Restaurants with Nightlife. 

In 2019, the retro trend is all set to jump forward from fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties colors. What makes a retro theme very obvious are posters of famous Bollywood Actors and different types of vintage cars and Honks. Above all, Cigars! We are talking for them to be more on walls and not real 


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