Trending Kitchen Renovating Ideas for 2019

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Well, home interiors are not only about Living Rooms and Bedrooms, but your Kitchen also plays quietly a role in enhancing your mood while standing in front of the stove. We at Homechromosome believe, cooking is a selfless work and you deserve to have a great experience while working very hard for other family members in the house.  Firstly, to remodel your kitchen it’s essential to know where to start, and the approx budget you have for a kitchen remodel as it is a costly investment.


As in Bangalore, people love to host friends and families, and if you are an avid cook, or a   home-maker, seasoned host, or busy family, then surely your kitchen is the center of your daily life. Kitchen is the most functional and practical room and for a perfect kitchen remodeling, we’ve compiled a list of things you need to know for renovating your kitchen from scratch. Our team of experts has listed down the best practices for kitchen remodeling along with trending decor ideas from innovative appliances to budget-friendly ones. Here’s a list of everything you need to recreate your kitchen, the heart of your home.

The Top Ten 2019 Kitchen Trends According to our Experts

1. Cabinet doors & original handles



Cabinet door handles are usually neglected while designing a kitchen. There’s a whole bunch of trends and options available that enhances the overall look and feel of your kitchen. They are available in many shapes, designs, colors, and materials. Like Scandinavians have a great taste for leather rings as handles than our traditional handles. For more modern kitchen design, you can go for a minimalist look wherein these days’ cabinet handles come as cut-out holes in the cabinet door itself, in various shapes, designs, and sizes. From round-shaped holes to long indents running along the base of the cabinet door giving an illusion of no handle at all, you have many styles here.

2. Different kitchen sinks

Our kitchen sink is used daily and hence you can have many interesting design element and options for your sink in the kitchen. White tubs and stainless steel sinks are evergreen and commonly used in every household. However, there are many options you can check out for a better look and feel. There are options like embossed sinks, metallic accents, and some with color to complement the kitchen furnishing.

For smaller spaces, you can optimize the sinks’ functions with removable cutting boards, some integrated coasters and pot holders, etc.

3. Pendant lighting 

Recessed lights have been a default kitchen trend for many years and are likely to stay.  However, suspended lighting has a quirky trend for those who want to add a unique touch to their kitchen design. The suspended wiring of Pendant lights reminds of a swinging incandescent bulb with a pull chain makes them the centerpieces of your kitchen.

4. Kitchen Storage: Open Shelving

If you own some really beautiful dishware, consider open shelving to flaunt the precious and beautiful pieces of your kitchen. Many people nowadays are opting to showcase their attractive dishware. This concept is well sought after, especially for dishwares – such as glasses and plates – you use most often. For your daily use utensils, you can go for wall racks to hang them for your easy access and for your expensive dishware or cognac glasses; you may put them in closed cabinets so that you don’t have to wash them regularly due to dust accumulation. As for perishable foods, keep those in your pantry or refrigerator. All other fruits and veggies displayed on the table will definitely entice you to cook more often in your beautiful kitchen.

5. Matte Appliances

In recent years we have observed that the dark matte texture is relatively trendier. The dark matte finish appliances naturally reduce any fingerprints and dirt. It also fits nicely with most kitchen materials.

6. Indoor Herb Garden

As a cook, it is lovely to have herbs handy and their easy access is no less than an affordable luxury. Dried herbs are becoming less desirable than the fresh herbs. Inspired from gourmet cooking reality shows and Instant recipes on Instagram, our taste and desire for freshness in our cooking is becoming more prominent. Indoor herb garden not only serves your daily cooking purposes but also enhances your kitchen design and your cooking experience. Your sink can act as a great water source and make them all the more desirable. Consider having a decent amount of sunlight by keeping them nearby a window for your fresh kitchen produce.  AeroGarden system allows hydroponic culture for 6 plants simultaneously if you are unable to water them and take care of them regularly. You can grow herbs, hot peppers, cherry tomatoes in your indoor kitchen garden for easy access all year around.

7. Gold and Copper Accents

Golden or copper tones in kitchen have been trending since ages and it is a style that keeps trying to make its way year after year. These metallic Golden and Copper accents are more common for small fixtures, like taps, faucets, or cabinet handles and at the same time they easily complement lighter colored countertops or darker toned cabinets. In 2019 too, both golden and copper are leading successfully in the list of trends while giving a classy vibe to your kitchen. These finishes in gold and copper color also create a vintage ambiance in your kitchen.

8. Experiment with different kitchen materials 

Terrazzo is an Italian style and is widely used as flooring but in 2019 designers are using them on the wall facing as well. You will usually find this styling in restaurants, bars or even hotel counter spaces and now these days you will see them in your Kitchen design as well. Terrazzo is composed of various materials with infinite combinations, such as pieces of marble, quartz, and granite, etc. This look maintains certain uniqueness in your kitchen and a luxurious look in your home.

If you are a little free on your budget, go for Marble as a timeless beauty. Nowadays, you will tremendous development in its bold colors and contrasting marble pieces used for creating a dramatic focal point in your kitchen room.

Metro tiles remain quite popular and affordable to date. These tiles can complement various design decors be it vintage vibe or modern decor.

And if you want a more conservative style go for matte tiling or patterned tiles. These can be used for flooring as well.

9. Color Pops

White is still the trendy color for your kitchen design ideas in 2019. Although it is not very practical for cooking as the surfaces may stain very easily yet they remain quite popular this year too. However, people are also adding pops of color – breaking away from the more monotonous & monochrome scheme of an all-white kitchen. Accent walls, accessories, backsplash motifs, the possibilities are endless!

 Instead of bright optic white, consider setting a moodier tone in your kitchen with alluring and unexpected color to create a more rich and nuanced look.

10 Spanish and Moroccan Tiles


Adding an exotic note or a focal point to your kitchen with Spanish and Moroccan tiles will give an unforgettable memory to your guests. It adds a remarkable experience of tradition and reverence for art.

Since most homeowners frequently entertain and cook elaborate meals in their kitchens, think about upgrading your kitchen with multiple appliances to allow for extra prep functionality, better clean up capabilities, and to provide plenty of brilliant firepower for large gatherings. Intelligent details, imaginative design, and space-expanding conveniences will make any kitchen easier to use and easier to clean up with spaces that would ordinarily go to waste given a new purpose and put to work for the long run.

Whatever the case, we suggest turning to a professional kitchen designer to help you create a way to get everything you want in your dream kitchen.



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