Trending Office Interior Designs for 2019

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In this article, we will show you 7 of the hottest trends and concepts in modern office design. Consider using them in your next office renovation.


Importance of Office Interior Design

In order to attract more talented employees and reduce employee turnover rate, companies these days have to extensively upon the work culture, design and facilities. Nowadays, it is not only about salary or financial compensation which drives employees to a workplace. Millennials these days wants a workplace which stimulates their creativity, communications, and collaborations while also reducing stress and anxiety. A workplace interior allows employees to focus and concentrate which directly impacts their productivity and your organization goals. Your office interior design in Bangalore is not only important for employees but for your own Brand Identity and your customers.

 This is exactly what the modern office design trends 2019 are striving to achieve.


1. Activity-Based Working

As per the recent trends, employees feel comfortable working anywhere in office basis their requirement for peace or people. While some activities require silence and peace, others require them to sit and collaborate with other co-workers. 

·  Open Office Areas – These are the traditional type of seating areas where workers sit closely without walls or cubicles. Here, the employees share long workbenches having their own individual area and items required for the work. This type of seating is suitable for collaborative work activities.

·  Quiet Focus Areas – Here one can deeply concentrate without any distractions from others. This can even be a tiny sound-proof room.

·  Meeting Areas – These areas are for group meetings in different sizes to accommodate different numbers of people.

·  Lounge Areas – These are areas for small discussions among a few people with relaxed and cozy seating and have sofas, couches, armchairs, pod seats, or coffee tables. These areas serve many purposes from impromptu meetings, breaks, and activities which requires focused concentration.

·  Café Areas – As the name suggest, this area is specifically for lunch or snacks. This area also lets people casually brainstorm new ideas, discuss projects, or socialize with one another.


2. The Flexible Workspace


The most trending and fun office interior is one with Flexible workspaces. Unlike traditional office plan, here the furniture is easily movable and resizable.

Let’s take an example, for any quick meeting; a meeting table can be quickly resized by attaching or detaching modular components of the table. Such table component and furniture are on wheels, which make it easier to shift, attach or detach.

There are places where an employee can choose a workstation for any workday. As many companies are storing data on networks and remote file systems which allow employees for easy seating arrangements of their choice, it has become easier to implement.

Since the projects and work culture is very dynamic and demanding, such workplace interiors allow collaboration between employees. It also enhances the overall performance of the employees.


3. Bringing Nature Into The Workplace


Biophilic design is the ones where humans can connect with nature which eventually leads to better health, focus, concentration, creativity as well as work performance. Biophilic designs are believed to improve   physical and psychological health by reducing stress and enhancing mood.

The biophilic design may use any of the following elements in offices and workplaces:

1.      Natural Light.  Large glass windows, glass walls, glass doors, and in some cases of glass ceilings help you get sunlight and daylight in the building. Natural Daylight is any day healthier than any artificial light.

2.      Plants. Indoor plants purify the toxic air which is harming human health. Plants increase the oxygen level, kill insects and improve human health, relax the mood and help in concentration.

3.      Landscape view. The natural landscape outside the office building or large paintings and pictures of nature can be relaxing and also help employees think out of the box. Indoor gardens with flowing water and wooden bridges can be installed in lobbies.


4. A Home-Like Feel


A home-like feel with recreational swings, ping-pong tables, and lounge areas, make a workplace relaxing and reduces stress. This allows employees to take a break and rest their bodies and minds. 

For that matter, the employee can even sit on the sofa and work or café table.  Even group meetings can take place in an informal living-room, lounge or anywhere. Nowadays, people only need their computer or laptop to do their work. An employee can comfortably work in the lounge area or can also work at their desk. Home-like Ambiance improves productivity, collaboration, and communication as it is less formal than a traditional setup.  


5. Industrial Office Design


These are intentionally unsophisticated styles which is rustic, simple, and unrefined. This includes Exposed ceiling air ducts, Exposed ceiling pipes, Exposed ceiling beams, High ceilings, Exposed brick walls, Lack of interior walls for more open space, Very large windows, Natural wood instead of treated wood, Concrete floors instead of wood or carpeted floors, Overhanging light fixtures with exposed light bulbs. As you might expect, factories, warehouses, and industrial buildings are more suitable to be converted to industrial office design than conventional office buildings.

It gives a very unconventional, rough and yet creative experience to the employees. For customers, it may convey affordable prices as a hidden message. Such themes are more commonly used in start-up companies. From a Pricing standpoint, such office designs are budget friendly to start up companies. Such industrial office design hires younger demographic employees for more creativity and unconventional way of thinking.


6. Ergonomic Workstations


With the demanding working hours and competition for performances, it has impacted negatively to the employees’ health. That is why; modern office workplaces are incorporating many new technologies into their workstations:


·  Ergonomic Chairs. Chairs with lumbar support and are adjustable for the lower back. Even the height of the armrests is also adjustable.

·  Adjustable Height Desks. These desks allow you to adjust the height as per different body sizes.


7. Glass Walls And Doors


Glass walls and doors will not fade in the trending lists for the following reasons: 

1. Natural Light. It allows the sunlight and daylight at your workplace which is healthier than artificial lights. The study shows that blue light from natural daylight is required to produce melatonin, a hormone which helps us in restful sleep and rejuvenating bodies during our sleep. Also, sunlight produces Vitamin D for healthier bodies.

2. Transparency. Promoting transparency culture at the workplace. Glass walls and doors reduce the gap of management and team and yet maintain privacy with sound-proof, and also allow people to concentrate. It also promotes honesty as well as integrity in the workplace. Modern-day glass walls and doors are laminated which are break-resistant glass which makes it very strong and it also blocks 99.9% of UV rays from sunlight. 

The whole purpose of office interior design trends is to enhance the productivity, creativity, collaboration, communication and overall health of the employees. Attracting and retaining talented employees is a task and the quality of the workplace can help any company achieve this target. Nowadays, other than financials, workforce demands high flexibility, less stress, and creative stimulation. Since the employees spend most of their time working and as they spend most of their time in the office than home, it is even more important for designing a home-like environment for employees which provides physical comfort and reduces stress.

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