Trending Pre- School Interior Designs in 2019

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Pre-schools are the first step for children to begin a new and educative phase of their life. As they are very small and vulnerable at the same time, it is a responsibility of the school for their safety, education, and fun-learning. A good preschool nourishes their young minds, enriching them with the necessary information and tools that will shape their future. Here a great interior design for pre-school in Bangalore can really help the kids learn things in a much faster and a fun way. Here are some vibrant interior designs for your pre-school in Bangalore to follow in 2019.


Class Room

A bright and vibrantly decorated classroom can positively impact both kids and teachers. It takes a lot for teachers to be patient and energetic throughout with so many kids. However, with great interior designs and colors, it can help them be a joyful teacher. Coming in every day to a cheerful and attractive space will lift your mood and inspire your teaching. For students, the design elements you choose can help stick throughout the day, enjoy and yet learn things in safe learning environment.


As the toddlers are very small and they are still under their potty training. Hence it is very important to make the space safe for the children to not fall. Having an excellent décor and ambience inside the bathroom is a great thought in itself. Adding Wall art, or a floor design and non-toxic paints or textures can improve the friendliness of the environment meant for kids.

As children are very vulnerable to infection, it goes without saying that one must keep the place clean with proper sanitization and frequent checks with pest control. The furnishings inside the bathroom too can be peppy with vibrant colors and cartoon curtains for a happy environment.Design the space with non-slippery floor materials. Also, add some grab bars at different places on the walls for the kids to hold. Keeping the basin for hand washing low is essential considering the height of kids and making it comfortable for them.


It is fun for children to learn while they are doing their daily activities. From one class to another class, or a play room to art room, if there are stairs then you can teach them some really fun facts for their learning. You can go for letters, words or mathematics for exploring creative ways to teach through stairs.


Teaching Mathematics in Fun ways

It is quiet challenging to teach Maths to children and then also make them love it. Isn’t it!

Nowadays you can’t just let the children do maths from books all the time. If you can teach these toddlers addition and subtraction like basic mathematics through fun games or making the concept visually appealing which they can see everyday, it will help them learn it much faster and retain the same lifelong. Places like Doors, walls and floors could be great areas to explore the creative ideas for teaching Maths.


Toys Section

While everything looks like a toy for our age group in Play school interior designs, you need to still have a separate section for Toys where the kids can gather, play with toys and learn to share them with other classmates.



You can design the playroom with one accent walls, functional furniture and lots of storage. Just keep in mind that the kids love bright and vibrant colors and they love to have lots of space at their disposal. Although, it is not important to have a very large playroom, it can just be a space where kids can play by themselves and where they can store their toys and other stuff. All you need are some hooks for the walls, some shelves and a cheerful rug. Even though it is preferable to use bright and bold colors in the playroom, you don’t have to use them in excess. You can also use a white color room with vibrant and colorful furniture to cheer up the décor and the atmosphere.



A playschool needs a very different furniture setup which is cool, vibrant, attractive and yet functional. Oh yes! Safe too! This means no edgy finishing. Storage is a key element in the school. Freestanding cupboards, low height-tables and chairs are some of the essentials for play school. Having plastic material and light weights swings will help you keep the children safe.

Safety Measures for Children

Considering kids vulnerability to fall and get a wound etc, designing the safe interiors of the play school would include cushioned mats, easy-to-reach toys, shelves bolted to the walls, handrails on stairs and so on. Avoid sponge-like toys that toddlers can chew off and choke on, using common baby-proofing or kid-proofing products, screening the materials that kids may bring from home, and so on.

Welcome the cheery little steps to the world of learning with a bright, touchy, soft and cute atmosphere escorted with kiddy jolly smiling designs and decors to appreciate each and every little step of their efforts and learning.

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