Choosing bedroom lighting looks daunting as there’s so much to do, from waking up, dressing for parties, and getting ready for work, resting or having some “our time” with your spouse. In the midst of all, selecting versatile lights for your bedroom may look difficult. From bold, and romantic to dim and dramatic we at Homechromosome have listed a wide range of trending bedroom lightings in 2019.


 1)    Frosted Glass Floor Lamp


One of the best ways to make a smaller place look spacious is to minimize the clutter and this is what exactly these frosted glass lamps do to your bedroom. Lamp matching to your walls and ceilings will give a bigger and spacious look to your bedroom.

 2)    Built-in-Lamps

If you are looking for side-light lamps and at the same time want no fuss of wires and stands, installing Built-in-Lamps are just what you should go for. They fit seamlessly into the headboard of your bed giving a sleek look.

 3)    Flat- Ceiling Lamp


If you like to make bold choices for your master bedroom and want to give some dramatic touch to your golden designer ceiling, a Flat- Ceiling Lamp is the best thing for you. This type of lamp illuminates the room from the center. This is the best choice for low ceilings of 9 feet or less. To prevent unpleasant glare while lying in bed, choose a fixture that has a covered bottom to avoid looking up at a bright bulb.

 4)   Sleek Bedside lamps

These are quite interesting bedroom lighting for you to think if you like to keep your bedroom a little dim and give some understated look. These are also known as Industrial Lighting and they are so sleek that they seamlessly fit into your bedroom that you will realize its existence in the natural daylight. Isn’t that amazing for your small cozy room? This one specifically suits for the bedroom which has bigger windows.

 5)    Moroccan Lantern

These traditional hanging lanterns in the bedroom gives a quite dramatic feel to your bedroom.  Be it formal or ornate, these lighting fixtures with intricate details and designs are inspired by the classic architectural styles adding richness and warmth to your space.  You may find Moroccan fixtures in many styles from chandeliers, wall lights, ceiling lights, hanging pendants and many more to suit your taste. From the audacious and extravagant to the contemporary styles, Moroccan Lightings are not only famous for bedrooms but wide range to the variety available can suit your entire home interiors. Hanging lamps and metals just serve to trigger that authentic Moroccan feel.

 6)    A Crystal Chandelier

A crystal chandelier dangles above the bed inside gives a romantic ending of the day. Haven’t you heard rich people saying that glamour is quite like a chandelier? A small Crystal chandelier in the middle of your bedroom gives quite an exquisite impression. Into modern, minimalist interiors, we usually choose original lightings, which act as a distinctive feature in the space to attract attention at first glance. Into the classical interiors, we choose the most decent lightings, ones that will emphasize the overall appearance of the room. The perfect element of traditional-style interiors is crystal chandeliers, made in many variants, in a classic form with glass arms or in original modern variants.

 7)    Simple Pendant

Choosing Pendant lighting for bedroom involves the awareness of the height of the room, cost of the lighting, style, and more. When you see that picture perfect pendant-lit room in your mind's eye, you can make your final decision with confidence knowing that you've considered all of the practicalities. For bedroom purpose, go for something simple and not very long. If you want to fix it in the center above your bed then it should not be a long hanging. Other than the bedroom, Pendant lighting is used in areas of your home that you need direct task lighting, or you need a drop down ambient light from a higher ceiling like in the closet, kitchen, and etc. Depending on your task and the decorative look you’re trying to achieve, pendant lighting can be perfect for your home.


8)    Modern Floor Lamp

These are majorly in the room corner of the room for providing bright lights or at the bed-side acting as task lights. Floor lamps offer brighter light than table lamps for when you need to give the bedroom a boost. They also tend to provide more ambient light to light the whole room.

Now that you have a list of options with you, we will tell you how to layer your bedroom in order to decide the lighting for your multipurpose bedroom.

Layering The Lights In Your Bedroom

Layering your bedroom lighting means from ceiling lights to bed-side, to the nearby study table and none other than women’s favorite Dressing table is the key to creating the best lighting for your bedroom. This means finding the right balance between ambient, task, and accent lighting. By creating this balance, you will be able to create the lighting for any mood and any activity with the flick of a switch.

1) Ambient Lighting: This type of lighting helps you do your regular chores in your bedroom from cleaning, folding clothes, or making the bed. For starters, begin building your lighting foundation with ambient lighting, or general lighting. In terms of artificial lighting, ambient light is best achieved with ceiling fixtures like flat ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendant lights, etc.

2) Task Lighting: This type of lighting is required for your activities like reading, working or while using a dressing table for applying makeup, then consider layering on top of your general lighting with task lights. Consider bedside table lamps, low hanging pendants on either side of the bed, sconces, wall mounted task lights on either side of a headboard or other directional lighting placed above it.

3) Accent Lighting: Accent lighting draws attention and highlight features–like paintings, artwork–within a given space. For the bedroom, accent lighting acts as a version of ambient lighting, creating a cozy atmosphere. You can choose amongst wall sconces, tape lights or creative repurposing of other fixtures are a few ways to incorporate this feature in your bedroom’s light design.


Dimmers are important because if you have an only bright light source, it’s hard to transition into a relaxed sleep-mode. Here, a bedside lamp or sconce can ease your eyes into sleep or wake more gradually. Between low lighting to full brightness; a dimmer can accommodate multiple lighting needs.


While you layer your bedroom lighting, considering the type of bulb you’ll use for each fixture is very important. A bulb’s lighting intensity and the color it emits can positively or negatively affect your day to day activities. The suggested lumens for the bedroom range from 2,000 and 4,000, which may differ based on the type of ambiance you desire for your bedroom.

Hope you got a brief understanding of your bedroom lighting. Bedroom interior is not limited to the walls, bed set, quilts or pillows. Lighting plays an active role in it too. Do comment us in the below section or write us an email for more information for your home interior designs in Bangalore.

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