Designing a Living Room: 10 Ideas and Common Mistakes

living room interior design

The first room you want to spend your time when you set your foot inside your home is the Living room. It is one of the busiest rooms at home, an important space for gatherings and recreation. Living room design necessitates the importance of looks and functionality. Designing your living space is a tricky job, […]

10 Top Transitional Interior Design Must-Haves for the Perfect Home

transitional interior design

Our homes are continually undergoing change as our styles and preferences change. Are you looking for an interior design style that is not too loud but packs in all the modern elements simultaneously? With a style that includes a bit of traditional and contemporary features, it is your time to welcome transitional interior design for […]

Rustic Interior Design: How to Get a No-Fuss Natural Look

Rustic Interior Design

If you enjoy everything being natural, you will also love the Rustic interior design for your house. The unfussy, casual beauty of rustic interior design not only satisfies our senses but also soothes our souls with a comforting ambiance. If you are trying to add a rustic appeal to your home, then rustic interior design […]

7 Hot Tips for Creating the Beautiful Eclectic Interior Design

eclectic interior design

Most of you must think that eclectic interior design is all about randomly throwing a bunch of things together that magically work. But if you have tried creating eclectic interior design for your house, you may have noticed that it is not as simple as it looks.  Eclectic interior design is a style that elegantly […]

9 ways to rock your office interiors with wall art

office interior

Your business’s success is more than the product you sell; it’s also about creating an atmosphere. One of the easiest to elevate your office interior l is through the decor. Whether you are trying to motivate or delight your customers, wall art is the perfect way to boost your business. Every office interior is different; […]

9 best ideas for a small 2bhk flat design

2bhk flat design

Decorating a 2BHK flat design can be challenging as most of the 2BHK flats come with small spaces. The small area makes it challenging to execute the techniques and ideas that you want for your 2BHk flat; that’s why Homechromosme is here to help and guide you on how you can give your 2BHk flat […]

Got a Duplex? The 5 best duplex interior designs for Bangalore

duplex interior design

Getting your own Duplex in a large city like Bangalore is a dream come true for most people. Once you get your Duplex, you are faced with designing it. Duplex interior design is a big task; you need proper planning and execution to implement it. Maybe you are not so good with planning, but you […]

11 ideas for amazing kids room interiors

kids room interior

Setting up your kids’ room can be a bit of a task. You don’t want the room to look dull and empty; instead, you want your kid to have a space where he will make most of his memories and have a happy childhood. Don’t worry; we at HomeChromosome are here to help you with […]

9 Best 1 BHK Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Buying a new house is a dream for many. Once you settle in, it is one of the best feelings in the world, but that feeling is temporary as you are faced with designing your apartment interior design. Most families have 1 BHK apartments, and even redesigning your 1BHK apartment interior can become arduous when […]