What are some best designs of modern smart homes?

smart home interior design

A smart home is not exactly a new thing. In fact, many of the modern smart home technologies have been anticipated for many years. You might be surprised to learn that modern smart home interior design has advanced to the point where it now essentially influences every aspect of your house and how you interact […]

How to design my residential interior with a modern style?

residential interior designers in Bangalore

Modern home interior design is fascinating since there are no restrictions, even though there is something immensely timeless about a classic aesthetic. Residential interior design ideas offer room for experimentation and a blank canvas for exploration with white space, sleek materials, and clean lines. These elements combine to create the ideal environment for artistic freedom […]

8 Timeless Living Room Layout Ideas

Living Room Layout Ideas

The living room now serves as a link between the adjacent rooms, hallways, and the exterior, thanks to the popularity of open-plan living room layout ideas. If you have the opportunity to work on a layout plan, keep in mind there is enough room to walk freely between the various rooms and position furniture in […]

8 Living Room Lighting Ideas That Instantly Brighten Things Up

living room lighting ideas

One crucial area that can be both private and for guests is the living room. It is frequently used throughout the day in most homes. A living room experiences everything, from creating memories to receiving visitors. While a living room’s decor is vital, its lighting is a crucial component. The living room lighting ideas can […]

Best Living Room Arrangements With TV

Living room interior design ideas

It may appear not easy to arrange your television in your living room with the other furniture.  It performs effectively if you can set aside a room just for your TV and arrange chairs around it.  But since many individuals don’t have space benefits, the living space frequently serves as both a seating area and […]

A Guide To Planning Living Room Layouts

living room interior design

The popularity of open-plan living has made the living room a conduit linking the adjacent rooms, corridors, and the outside. If you have the privilege of working on your floor plan, make sure there is enough space to move freely between different rooms and strategically place furniture to create zones within the living area. A […]

How do I find the best interior designers in Bangalore for my flat? 

home interior designers in Bangalore

Interior decorating of homes is no longer just a priority for wealthy people who appreciate living comfortable lives. Nowadays, even middle-class individuals consider employing the top Home Interior designers in Bangalore to design a distinctive, cutting-edge home. A home’s interior is no longer a luxury; it is now more important than ever to arrange your […]

Give your Bangalore home a new look with HomeChromosome

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An interior design company in Bangalore, HomeChromosome, may help you redesign any area in your home, provide remodeling assistance, or work with your builder and architect to create a distinctive home that meets your wants and tastes. Professional interior designers offer various services, including professional direction and execution. You can discover the best interior decorators […]

Seven bedroom ideas for small rooms | Make the most of your space

A bedroom doesn’t need to be large or have high ceilings to feel opulent. The interior design of a small bedroom in India frequently has a cozier, more private vibe that can help make the area calming and individualized. The secret to creating space and using accessories and color in ways that are both practical […]

How do interior decorators in Bangalore help create stunning ‘Living Spaces’?

interior decorators in Bangalore

Your home’s interior design speaks volumes about who you are. Every element of the house is focused on the family who lives there. Every homeowner also has a creative space here. This is so because sound installation and illumination require an aesthetic grasp of design. Every residence in India has access to a vast array […]