Top 7 living room interior design ideas with dining table

living room interior design ideas with dining table

Finding living room interior design ideas with dining tables can help a great deal as open floor plans are becoming increasingly common in newly built and older homes that are being remodeled. This makes a living and dining room interior design an excellent choice for how people live today. You can create flow in a […]

Home Interior Design Project at Sobha Palm Court by HomeChromosome

shobha palm court

The Sobha Palm Court apartment complex in Bangalore was designed with the intention of making life as stress-free as possible for its occupants. One of our most impressive accomplishments is the apartment cum guest home decor. We made sure that the layout had both places to work and places to enjoy, as the client had […]

Best Dining Room Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Best dining room decorating ideas on a budget

When you think of Dining room decorating ideas on a budget, the first thing that comes to mind is a big room with a big wooden table and many chairs. It’s not hard to get into the habit of associating a place’s level of sophistication with how grand it is. Still, we should be able […]

Benefits of small artificial plants for home decor

small artificial plants for home decor

When you add small artificial plants for home decor, it feels more sophisticated. Whether you put flowers in a vase or potted plants in a corner, they will significantly take your interior decorating to the next level. But indoor plants may need much care; only some are naturally good at caring for plants. If you […]

Top 10 most beautiful restaurant interior decoration tips

Restaurant interior decoration

A successful restaurant interior decoration will have a pleasant atmosphere, comfortable seating, and great food. The staff will also be friendly and helpful to the customers. If you take care of these essential things, your customers will enjoy their meals more and have a reasonable opinion of their time at your business. Even though the […]

Top 5 Luxury Classic House Design Ideas

luxury classic house design

Luxury classic house design has unique features that add to the elegance of the home as a whole in its way. Luxury home designs that are considered classic often have a rustic look or a nice wood finish. Yet, modern designs go in the direction of being simple and sleek. The method of the inside […]

Top 7 Tips For A Perfect Bohemian Style Interior 

Bohemian Style Interior

Boho interior design is a style that is still popular and in style. Bohemian design is the free-spirited animal of interior design styles. It uses color, texture, and pattern in a straightforward way to create a casual and unique look. It is, without a doubt, eclectic, with a nod to global influences and an appeal […]

Top Minimalist House Design Ideas that Find Substance in Simplicity

minimalist house design

Minimalist house design and minimalist style of life have become more prevalent in the past few years. The goal of a minimalist house interior is to make the design process easier by leaving out parts that aren’t necessary. The purpose of minimalist architecture and interior design is to make things clear by using as little […]

The Modern Vintage Interior Design Style

vintage interior design

Modern vintage interior design is to make people long for the 1940s, which was a time of glamor and freedom mixed with today’s trendy design. This style comprises warm and inviting colors, luxurious fabrics, and a unique mix of parts. It is full of furniture and textile with many decorative pieces, like old mirror frames, […]

9 Bright Contemporary Indian Interior Design Ideas

contemporary indian interior design

Contemporary Indian interior design has become popular in recent years. One of the most popular trends in India is to use Indian handicrafts to decorate the inside of one’s home. Indian handicrafts that can be used in this way include, among other things, ethnic fabric prints, sculptures, and folk paintings. People in India also like […]