Trending Wall Décor ideas for home 2019

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Walls are not only about Paint colors or Wallpapers, but it also brings life to your every room and that is the reason you must decorate these walls like your all other surfaces in the home.  In any room, it is not the only furniture of art pieces which make your room look good but wall décor plays a very important role in establishing the overall desired theme for your beautiful home interior décor in Bangalore. So here, we are going to share some beautiful wall décor ideas for your selection.


If you are living in a small space and wanting to add square footage to your room, wisely using your walls can help you do so. Decorating small apartment walls can be a lot more fun and with just a few additions you can make it look stylish and cozy. To take up an example, adding your books, art collections or nature pictures can truly make your walls functional, prettier and make it look larger. In order to decorate the larger walls in bigger apartments, you could create accent walls with bright and bold paint colors, in some areas patterns and wallpapers can create magic in your walls.

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Be it any style you choose for your complete home interior design in Bangalore, creating a focal point with the help of accent pieces is necessary. In the recent trends, some low costs art pieces are also creating a bigger impact in smaller apartments.  Hence, it’s not about what you use, but how you use it.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the really cool options for your home.

Large-Scale Art for Focal Point

Think of putting an extra large painting or a photograph of nature with an infinite view in it, you see for small spaces not only it will add a focal point in your living room but also make it look larger due to its infinite view and the tone in a small space. Even we could not stop ourselves gazing at this piece for a long stop.

A Gallery Wall

If you want to keep your wall color simple and décor it with pieces, there’s plenty of art collections, photographs, or wall hangings or any other ephemera you can try displaying on your wall. Go for simple and cohesive frames or some variations to mix things and yet not go wrong with it.

Showcase Fabric

There’s still a lot of Indian homes who love to keep their walls in soft colors usually pastel colors. In such cases, in order to add brightness in the room, you can play around with cool and bright fabrics and use them in different shapes to match your style. The best part of such decoration is, you can keep swapping the designs and fabrics :) For a more traditional home, you may choose a tapestry or Wall hangings.

Hang Mirrors

For smaller space, the mirror does all the magic to make it feel bigger as well as brighter. You may try a large oversized framed mirror or try displaying a few smaller pieces like a salon.  There are many variations of mirrors you can explore from traditional frames to modern ones. They are extremely versatile and come in a variety of shapes, styles, and designs which can create artistic effects and also visually enlarge a space. A beautiful frame can turn a simple mirror into a wonderful display piece.

Paint a Mural

If you want to add some drama and life to your room, adding a mural will take you to your desired Nirvana place. These days you can easily find several such scenic wallpapers which can add some real beauty in your home in Bangalore. If you love to paint, then you can even try hand-painting the entire wall by yourself.

Hang Plates

Antique or designed Plates are an interesting alternative for framed artwork. You can easily find them in antique shops or you can pick some from your collection. If you want to add some Indian touch, there are many hand-painted plates are available in the market like Mandala art, or Warli art, Chinese plates, etc. For hanging them, you need sleek hangers adhering at the back of plates and are also invisible. You can mix and match different designs and sizes of the plates to give it more gallery look.

Wall of memories

Your passageway wall or the one on your staircase can be really decorated with some of your beautiful family, family, childhood, special occasions, your wedding, kids and friends’ pictures in simple frames. So much to put on your wall and smile at them every once in a while. You deserve that- browse your old pictures from albums and display them on your wall to create unique décor in your house in Bangalore.


Bedrooms are meant to be soothing so that you can relax. Among the best wall décor ideas for bedrooms is installing beautiful scenery wallpaper for a calm and relaxing ambiance in the room. It can also work well with your Living room or dining room.

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A carpet or tapestry

If you own some traditional hand-woven unused rug or tapestry, then look around and see if it can add some beauty and richness to your walls. Hanging such old masterpieces adds richness to your home and if you have an eye for art, you have all the more reasons to put that on your wall.


Textures go well in either your Living room or bedrooms. Adding textures to your walls brings a 3D effect in the room. To take up an example a large pictorial sculpture can make your living room stunning in the house. Similarly, you can try some simple textures in your bedroom to add design and texture in the rooms.

Stone cladding

Stone cladding is another way for adding texture to your living or even your dining room wall décor. You can easily clad a small or center section of the wall with stone tiles. Stone cladding brings a beautiful natural look to the area.

A Floral Story

If you want to give one of your rooms brighter and vibrant look, add more floral prints on your walls and bright color furniture to match with it.

While some colors soothe your mood others quickly get you into the cheery and joyful mood.

Modern yet Very Indian

Yes, it is possible to create a contemporary and yet very traditional look at your home. In such a case, you can go for brighter upholstery and other accessories while keeping dormant colors for furniture and the walls. In this particular living room, the brightly-embroidered chairs and the traditional benches set against a very sophisticated grey backdrop, creating a beautiful contrast.  

Mix patterns

If you want to add focal points in the room then use patterns and different colors. Although, they are generally used for accent pieces they can mix and match in a décor.

Hope this article helps you with various options of exploring your wall decors.

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