10 Best Interior Paint Colors Trending For 2019

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There’s no problem having white walls for smaller spaces in Bangalore but there’s so much to explore other than Whites which can give you feelings from Calmer you to Cheery and Joyous you. Plain walls are like nothingness in the home, and we don’t want to give you that feel. Home is a place where you can enter and feel complete fulfillment and just so you know your walls too can do this magic. So here, we’ll look at trending interior paint colors for 2019. From room-to-room and from wall-to-wall which paint colors will work best within your home, from creating a statement wall to accent walls worth talking about in your society and your relative circle in Bangalore, we will share the 10 best paint color ideas to try for the year ahead and beyond. 

Here is our collection of Wall decor ideas


You’ll be amazed to see some of the latest paint colors to making at Pantone’s yearly forecast and how you can introduce them into your home suiting your likes and dislikes. 



For all those who are little fewer risk takers, the creamy shades of hazelnut are warming and very welcoming paint colors which we are very sure to never go out of style and they will always go very well with your existing furnishings. Hazelnut hues give a very comforting look to any of your rooms especially Living room or lobby area. It may go very well with your Dining room too with classic furnishings. For more hazelnut paint color ideas in your home, you can survey from room to room and consider the spaces which require brightness and also reflect more sunlight and simultaneously making the room appear larger than it is. It is suitable for smaller spaces and the people who live more simplistic lives.



For people who are bold and sophisticated looking for a more classic option, dove gray is just the right classic paint color for your modern home designs. If you want to remain neutral and yet try something bold, shades of lilac and lilac paint color ideas could be your right choice. The addition of lilac makes the gray hues a little warmer, neutralize the gender and yet very cheery. You may pop it up with some white furniture and vibrant accessories like flower vases and bright cushions. This will give a perfect evening coffee time with your spouse allowing you to talk so much more about important things in life. 


If you are one of those who want to maintain neutrality and yet try some colors, Dard Hunter Green or Bottle Green will give you one complete fulfillment. This gives so much like English or you can say the British look in your home. Adding some white furnishings or lace will create a perfect and rich look. This is officially known as ‘night watch’ color in Pantone’s top 2019 paint colors. For bigger rooms with pendant lighting, you can confidently invite your friends and brag about your lifestyle and choices.

This deep green wall color trend gives you a soothing as well as the healing power of nature in your home interior in Bangalore while setting the tone with a strong foundational hue.

There’s a huge range of shades for hunter and bottle green paint color ideas, you can connect with our interior designers for suggestions. Alternatively, you can go for Eros Pink or Primavera color paint ideas for similar rich and deep look. And as always, when considering bringing in the latest paint colors in your home, think about what works with your lifestyle, taste, and design direction as no paint color trend is worth sacrificing your own personal aesthetic. If you have a home in Bangalore which invites more evening parties and has larger space for accommodating more number of people for your cocktails, this will just be your perfect evening color with dimmers and soft music.


Chalky and muted tones of pastel colors are generally suitable for Kitchen and Bathroom and since living in Bangalore is expensive in smaller spaces, these muted colors could help you make these smaller spaces look a little large. Having a soothing appeal for common areas like kitchens and bathrooms, they do justice to your everyday scuff marks and nicks. You can also try colors like Nebulous white and origami white for your perfect muted color tone to your minimalist designs.

We recommend you to add some dramatic touch to these colors with maybe marble backsplash in complimentary tones or some soft colors accessories that’ll make it more memorable than a common white kitchen.


Oh well, that’s not girly. It’s one of those colors which give you a pleasant smile each time you enter your room. For those who love to travel and have a real earthy spirit, soft clay paint colors can easily replace your beiges and browns. Tune it with some deep earthy color furniture to create the focal point in the room. And we are sure, as a traveler, you’ll have a lot already to showcase in your room. Colors like terra cotta and caramel home interior colors have more personality than any neutral colors on your home interior walls.

For this interior design trend, we suggest going for the latest paint colors that boast unusual takes on clay tones to make any room a feature in your home or go for an accent wall or backsplash and see how effectively the hue can elevate a room and your mood with ease.


For more traditional yet very casual interior design, you can try ice blue, charcoal blue, and gray-blue for your home interior design in Bangalore. They are very subtle for your everyday chores and very soothing. For Indians, Blue hues are very common and naturally very traditional. 

There are endless varieties of blue paint color ideas but depending upon your personality, tastes and preferences you can decide the exact tone. Any muted or pastel blue home interior colors look soothing while the deeper ones will give a more charming and romantic feeling. 


If you have modern interior design in Bangalore, then mushroom color palette looks fresh and very appreciative with whites or pastel shades of furniture. Maintaining the gender neutrality and its timeless appeal yet not making it look like other normal Whites, it has its own charm.


Here’s a combination of gray-beige which replaces all your white walls, pewter paint colors provide a pretty blank canvas while not looking bland, you can top it with some attractive wall piece to create a focal point. In fact, pewter paint color works throughout your home because of gender neutrality and at the same time not making the rooms feel smaller. Hence, this is one shade that works with everything, everywhere.

So hope this article helps you to choose the right color for your walls and it is not mandatory to follow only one color tone throughout your home interior in Bangalore, you may choose a combination of above for different rooms. 

If you need any help in deciding, drop us an email.   


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