Hotel Interior Design Trends in 2019

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With the sudden increase in the travel industry and bloggers, hotel guests these days have higher expectations than ever. Travelers nowadays appreciate personalized experiences and exotic textures have developed a taste for exquisite materials, even if it’s just a weekend getaway. It is now important for Hoteliers the reshape the look, feel and appeal of their hotels and locations for great customer experience. Some of the most important factors are the Wellness of the guests, eco-consciousness of the hoteliers, authenticity, give home like experience, affordable stay and evolving lobbies are among the 2019 hotel interior design trends in Bangalore and India. As hotel interior designers in Bangalore we also address the functional issues with efficiently planning the space, the design of the hotel, art pieces and day-to-day programming of the hotel. These trends are very well implemented at both independent hotel companies as well as chains. With more focus on guest experience here we are sharing 10 interesting creative trends which are emerging in 2019 and beyond.



In 2019 hotel interior design trends, environment-friendly designs are most popular be at home, hotels, restaurants, etc. Keeping in mind the travelers' trends, the people who travel the world also care about its wellbeing. Hence, caring about nature and bringing it inside the hotel gives them not only a home-like feeling but they truly appreciate your efforts. Building a sustainable and eco-conscious design really helps achieve the global environment target. 

If you want to go for a more authentic and nature-like theme for your Hotel, you can go for more wood, marbles, bricks, lanterns and more natural elements like indoor plants and artificial waterfalls than fountains. In 2019 hotels will be seeing more indoor waterfalls, all-season terraces, rugged outdoor-style furnishings, gorgeous plants, and panoramic views. One of the most interesting hotel's design trends to see this year is the art of bringing the outdoor experience to hotel lobbies and corridors. This trend in hotel design will help guests to enjoy nature while staying inside, creating a completely unique and memorable experience.

In 2019, hotels are revamping their designs to attain more and more environmentally sustainable practices, by using natural and recyclable building materials, to solar panels and linen recycling. In the coming years, we can also expect more aggressive initiatives to measure and reduce carbon footprints and LED lighting in a bid to reduce energy consumption. Speaking of design, this trend calls hotels to incorporate more live greenery and natural light into their designs.

Hotels in Bangalore are also transforming their lobby area into an expanded living room — a common area with cozy enclosures where guests will be able to find some privacy without feeling lonely.


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Be it globally or Bangalore, the hoteliers are focusing more on enhancing the physical and mental health of their guests through design and amenity options. If your Hotel experience can provide deep and restorative sleep to your guests, you are sure to be on their list of references.


Dim lighting and quiet hotel rooms with personalization options like room temperature control and blocking excessive light are some of the functional design best practices for Hotels. Providing more outdoor air and daylight is also popular as most of the people don’t get the opportunity to absorb the daylight while slogging whole day at work.


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Nowadays, hotels are becoming more like city centers where the locals spend their Sunday afternoon for coffee, have dinner, enjoy music, fun activities and meet up with friends. Placemaking is a concept of instilling a sense of community in their users and pride about where they live, work or recreate. Although, five-star accommodations are definitely still in demand that does not attract millennials. Today’s Travelers are looking for more quirky boutique elements which even the luxury brands are following by more playful and casual persona. A very large section of the travelers is traveling for work and enjoy coworking environments which are now easily available in Hotels. In fact, you can enjoy full service like any other co-working space where even the non-hotel guests might be officing.

According to Rottet, art in hotels has been a hotel décor trend for a while, but some hotels are going a step further and creating a cultural art experience for locals as well as guests. Some with permanent displays and others with rotating shows by respected art curators. Meeting spaces inside Hotels in 2019 will be more flexible, accommodating various types of functions, family gatherings as well as big conferences with the help of roll-up walls, doors, and power outlets built into the floorings. 

Above all, lobbies in 2019 are becoming a clubhouse where people can explore various activities for a more unique and personalized environment.


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Replicating home-like elements are trending in hospitality design trend. For example,  color palettes used in Hotels are very similar to modern days home. Even the Bathroom fixtures in hotels are also influenced by modern days of home interiors in Bangalore. Like many other high-end Airbnb lodgings, hotels nowadays are adding coffee machines and kitchenettes for their long-term guests. Charging stations in every room and wifi connectivity better than the one at their home are making its way. You may in the near future experience mobile keys and saving in-room preferences such as temperature, lighting, and the type of toiletries you prefer will all be organized and kept in place in advance. 


The hospitality industry is rapidly evolving year after year and Hoteliers now have to be more creative in meeting the high expectations of modern travelers, especially millennials which is a large section of frequent travelers who also like to stay on budget. Keeping updated with the travelers' trends and the rise of technology will innovate and directly impact the hotel interior designs.


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